Black Heart

Ellie's life is great. She has great friends, family and nothing seems to go wrong on her life until the day she meets Louis. Ellie thought things couldnt get any worse, but then she met Louis's four friends and now everything is complicated and she cant make up her mind.


30. Chapter 30



"Louis?" I called out softly as I walked along the empty hallway. "Louis, where are you?"


The house was so silent, I could hear the floorboards creak underneath my feet. 


"Louis please, I need to talk to you." I begged. "Please tell me where you are, I need to do this."


I was starting to feel upset. Maybe it was for the best if he never shows himself, at-least then I can't make anything worse. 


A silent tear crept out of my eye and rolled down my cheek. I kept walking forward, not bothering to even look to where I was headed. I dragged my feet along the old wooden floor, too tired to compose myself. 


"Is someone there?" A voice called out into the silence. 


I stopped walking and quickly wiped away the tears developing in my eyes, I couldn't let anyone see me cry. 


"Hello?" I said out loud. 


I heard some shuffling and footsteps before a door behind me opened and a head popped out of the room. 


"Louis? What are you doing in there?" I questioned. 


"I'm watching tv," He said. "What are you doing out here?"


I picked at my thumb nervously. 


"I came looking for you." I replied quietly.


"Oh." Was all he said. 


We both stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do. I think Louis knew why I was here. 


"Would you like to come in?" He asked, finally breaking the silence. 


I nodded and quickly ran into the room. 


I noticed that his bags were right next to a huge four-poster bed that was in the middle of the room. 


"You're staying in here?" I questioned. 


Louis nodded. 


"It's a lot less hassle." He explained. 


"Oh." I said. 


"You can't sit down if you want?" Louis said, motioning towards the bed. 


I quickly walked over and sat down, Louis joined me. 


I wasnt sure how to start but I knew I had to get it over and done with. 


I began to say something but Louis cut me off. 


"I know why you're here," He said, not looking at me. "I'm glad you came. We do need to sort things out." 


I looked down at my lap. 


"I am sorry, Louis. I don't know how else to explain it, I'm just so sorry. You mean the world to me and I've only just realised it. I was naive, not realising what I had and I'm sorry. For everything, for everything I did and said. It was wrong, I was wrong. I don't know how to make it up to you, I don't know how to make you see how sorry I am. I don't know what to do anymore, Louis. I thought that once I figured out what I wanted then maybe things would be easier but now I have realised that the more I want you - the harder it's all going to be." I said to him. "Please help me, Louis. Please."


Louis sat there, not moving nor speaking. 


At first I thought it was a bad thing, but now I am dreading him actually speaking. I would rather his silence than to have him speak because silence is worth more than a thousand words. No matter what, silence speaks the truth - whatever truth there is here. 


I felt a silent tear roll down my cheeks as i fiddled with my thumbs. I look down at my lap, not having the courage to actually look at him.


As a second tear made its way down my face, i felt a finger wiping it away. I looked up at Louis, who's hand was now holding and caressing my face.


"Please, please don't let me figure this out on my own." I whispered into his hand.


Louis dragged me into him, engulfing me with his huge arms.


Hugging Louis made me feel safe, like maybe everything would be okay. Maybe he would forgive me.


Just as if he had read my mind, Louis suddenly spoke.


"You know that i can't just forgive you like that, Ellie." He croaked. "I really do love you, i love you to bits! But, it's going to take time."


My heart felt like it had sunk all the way down to my stomach.


"Oh." Was all i could manage to say.



****Author's Note****
Idk i might finish this book soon, what do you guys think?

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