Black Heart

Ellie's life is great. She has great friends, family and nothing seems to go wrong on her life until the day she meets Louis. Ellie thought things couldnt get any worse, but then she met Louis's four friends and now everything is complicated and she cant make up her mind.


29. Chapter 29


*    *    *    *    *


I had a lot to think about. I realized i couldn't just keep going along with whatever happens, i needed to make decisions. I didn't really want other people to keep making my decisions for me, i wanted to be the one to control my own future.


I decided to talk to Niall. What we had was something to really think about, we seemed to be really good friends with intimate moments. I didn't want that. I've known all along that I've liked Louis, and Zayn talking to me earlier made me finally come to terms with what i want. And I want Louis.


I walked right up to Jazz, she always knows where Niall is.


"Jazz, do you know where Niall is?" I asked.


I still had no idea what i was going to say to him, but, i needed to be sure of what i really wanted.


"I think he's in the kitchen," She replied. "Are you alright? You look jumpy."


I gave her a small smile.


"I'll be fine." I reassured her.


"Alright, well you'd better hurry. He was talking about having a shower after he'd gotten something to eat." She told me.


I nodded.




She smiled and wandered off to talk to Connor.


I walked quickly down the hall, i didn't want to miss my chance.

"Niall?" I called out as i entered the kitchen. "Are you in here?"


"Yeah, i'm over here." Came a muffled reply.


I walked over to the pantry where the voice had come from, the light inside was on and the door was slightly ajar. Niall must be in there.


I pushed open the door and sure enough there he was, stuffing his face with what looked like some sort of bread.


"Ellie!" He smiled. "Want some banana bread?"


I shook my head.


"No thanks." I declined.


"Nasty business this war stuff, making the teachers ration off food. God knows if i hadn't of found this cupboard i would of starved to death!" Niall laughed heartily.


I forced myself to laugh along, but it just sounded fake.


"What can i do you for?" He asked, now serious.


"Umm, i wanted to talk to you."


"About what?"




"I think i see where this is going, Ellie. I'll save you the explanation..."


I looked up at Niall, waiting for him to continue.


"I know you like Louis, i know that you always have and probably always will. Everyone can see it, you just wouldn't admit it. I know that it was foolish of me to try and get involved with you even though i knew you desperately wanted someone else, i just desperately wanted you. Yes, it hurt a lot when you got with Zayn instead of me. But i guess that was just you being confused, you did what you had to do to cope. I understand that now."


"...Oh... You probably explained that a lot better than i could of..."


"I wish we could of met earlier, maybe then we would of had a chance... But what's done is done. I still care a lot for you, but you want Louis. So i have to learn to be okay with that. I'm still going to be there for you whether you need me or not, never forget that."


Hearing all this hurt me. A lot.


For me, this was all so hard to make sense of. But hearing Niall explain it all so easily confused me even more than i already was.


How was it so easy for him to understand yet i couldn't make sense of anything?


"I know now that it truly is Louis i want, i really do." I admit. "But it's probably too late for us now..."


Niall frowned.


"Why do you think that?" He asked.


"Because i have ruined everything between us, i led him on then came running back to you or Zayn. It wasn't fair on him. I still don't know if i can trust myself not to do it again with him. He probably hates me."


"He doesn't hate you, i can assure you of that. He's just unsure of you and what you want, he wants you to be happy more than anything else. He really loves you but he doesn't know if you feel the same about him."


I remained silent, trying to think hard about what to do.


"Niall, what do i do?" I finally said.


"Go and talk to him, ask him what he wants to do." Niall said softly.


"Oh, i don't know. What if i mess up again?" I say the unsureness clear in the tone of my voice.


"You can only try. Now go before it's too late!" Niall said firmly.


Niall gave me a gentle push out of the pantry.


"Seriously," He said. "Go."


I gave him a little smile and turned around to leave.


Well, here goes nothing.



Well here's a short little update for you lovely people! :)
Guys, check out my new movella 'Forever' - it's an Ashton Irwin fanfic! If you dont know who that is then you're missing out so youtube '5 Seconds of Summer'! Anyway give it a read and tell me what you guys think, i'm in love with him at the moment so i wrote some stuff down and i might add another few chapters if you guys like it? Please let me know guys!
By the way! So close to 100 fans! Keep going guys, there's huge news when i reach my goal of 100 :D

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