Black Heart

Ellie's life is great. She has great friends, family and nothing seems to go wrong on her life until the day she meets Louis. Ellie thought things couldnt get any worse, but then she met Louis's four friends and now everything is complicated and she cant make up her mind.


28. Chapter 28


*    *    *    *    *


I woke up to find myself still in the secret room. I was lying on the hard ground with Zayn's jacket under me. My hands made their way to my face and i groaned when they touched the massive bruise i know had on the side of my face from falling to the ground. 


"Careful." A voice said next to me.


I looked over to my side and saw Zayn sitting on a chair watching me.


"Were you there the whole time i was unconscious?" I asked, slightly annoyed.


"Someone had to make sure that you didn't fall into a coma." He replied with a shrug.


"You're awake!" Jazz exclaimed.


I gave her a little smile.


"I suppose i am." I said to her.


"How are you feeling? They wouldn't let me take you to one of the teacher's for help." Jazz scowled at Zayn and Samantha.


"My head hurts." I told her.


"Yeah well you did hit it on the floor pretty hard."


"Now that you're awake, Ellie, can we get back to business?" Zayn interrupted.


"What business would that be?" I asked.


"You are not allowed to let anyone know about this room or what you found out earlier, understand?" He said firmly to both Jazz and i.


I frowned.


"What do you mean that we can't tell anyone? You are using them without them knowing! It's wrong." I protested.


"Because we have a contract and to breach that contract, you would be breaking the law and would be sent to jail. You don't want that do you?" Samantha said smugly.


"I guess not." I huffed.


"So we have an understanding?" Zayn asked.


I looked at Jazz.


"There's nothing else we can do, so yes. We have an understanding, but, you have to keep us up to date with everything in your documentary." I said firmly, glaring at Samantha.


"Why should we? You can't stop us anyway." Samantha said smugly.


"Don't underestimate me," I threatened. "I will find a way to bring this whole thing down and i will not be going to jail either."


Jazz glared at both Samantha and Zayn to make sure they knew i was serious.


"Alright, alright," Zayn sighed. "We'll let you know about everything and anything that we do."


Samantha swirled around to face Zayn.


"Excuse me? You don't get to make that decision - you work for me, remember?" Samantha challenged.


Zayn rolled his eyes.


"Maybe you've forgotten this, but i do know Ellie a lot better than you ever will. And so i know for a fact that she will find a way to bring this whole thing crashing down." Zayn said, unimpressed.


Samantha muttered something under her breath but didn't bring up the subject again.


"Well now that this is all settled, can we please go now?" Jazz whined.


"Yeah, you can go. Just remember our deal?" Zayn replied.


Jazz helped me to stand up and Zayn showed us to the door. 


"Thanks, Zayn." I muttered to him as we quickly escaped into an unknown corridor.


We walked for what seemed like ages before we finally found a door that led straight to the kitchen, and from there on we knew where to go.


"Where have you two been?" Doris asked as we entered the main lounge.


Everyone was still setting up beds and making the room cosy. I realised we hadn't been gone as long as i had thought we had.


"Just exploring." I smiled.


Doris raised an eyebrow as she looked at my face.


"Where'd you get that nasty bump from?" She asked. "You know that going to bruise horribly."


I rolled my eyes.


"I just hid my head on a low door frame, it's no big deal." I replied.


"Maybe you should get on of the teacher's to look at it?" She suggested.


"No, if i do they will ask how it happened and then Jazz and i will be in a lot of trouble for disappearing." I told her.


Doris nodded and then left to unpack her bags.


"I think we should go and find those little camera's so that we can make sure we are not recorded." I said, turning to face Jazz.


"You know, for someone who could possibly have a concussion you are surprisingly sharp." She teased.


We found at least three little cameras in the room; The first hidden in a picture,  the second hidden in a fake flower and the third we found on the button of a cushion on the sofa.


We then picked a spot far from the camera's which ended up with us having to sleep right in the corner of the room. 


We didn't want to tamper with the camera's because then Samantha and Zayn would know we broke the deal.


I laid out my tiny mattress on the floor and struggled to fit the bed sheet over the top.


"Need some help?"


I looked up from what i was doing to find Zayn towering over me.


I shrugged and fixed my attention back onto the sheet.


I suddenly realised that if there were camera'a all over the house, then Zayn had probably seen me with Niall. I wave of guilt rushed over me. I knew that even though Zayn and i were not together anymore, it was still the wrong thing to do. I probably should of made it clear to Zayn we were not an item anymore. But then again, he did lie about a lot so for all i know, our whole relationship could of been a lie. I felt sick to the stomach. I really hoped it wasn't a lie.


Zayn took the sheet from my hands and fitted it to the mattress in one smooth move.


"Are you alright?" He said, looking me right in the eyes and making me feel even worse. "You look kind of pale." 


I nodded and licked my dry lips.


"Just feeling a little dizzy, is all." I replied.


Maybe i should ask him about what were the lies and what were the truth. It was as if he read my mind because Zayn cleared his throat to get my attention before he spoke.


"I know you probably have been thinking a lot about what went on earlier,"  He began. "And i just wanted to clarify a few things for you."


"Go on." I said quietly, half wanting and half not wanting to hear what he had to say.


"I guess i just wanted to tell you that when we were together, that wasn't a lie. None of it was or ever would be. I only got involved with Samantha after we broke up and because i needed the money she was offering me."


"I'm not sure whether or not i believe you, Zayn."


"I knew that it would be a long shot that you would even listen to me, so thank you for listening. I could never hurt you Ellie, not intentionally. It would hurt me too much to even think about hurting you. So please believe me when i say that it was not a lie. We're not right for each other, i know that now but it doesn't mean that i don't care about you."


I didn't reply and all i could hear was the thud of my own heart.


Zayn backed away from my make-shift bed and started to walk away. He stopped suddenly and turned around to face me.


"If you need to talk about anything, i am here for you, Ellie." He said.


Then as swiftly as he had arrived, he was gone. Gone to leave me sitting there alone with my thoughts and that alone was terrifying enough for me let alone having to actually do something about this whole situation. It made me feel so nervous, i had no idea whether or not to believe him or what to do either.




****Author's Note****

Sorry this is short. It was meant to be a long chapter but i have been so busy and haven't had time to write much so i thought i would just update quickly.
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