Black Heart

Ellie's life is great. She has great friends, family and nothing seems to go wrong on her life until the day she meets Louis. Ellie thought things couldnt get any worse, but then she met Louis's four friends and now everything is complicated and she cant make up her mind.


27. Chapter 27


"Ellie...What does this all mean?" Jazz whispered desperately.


I stared ahead, looking through the small slats in the vent. The sight that met my eyes confused me more than ever. I thought for a moment, what does this all mean?


"To be honest Jazz, i am not too sure." I reply.


Jazz frowned, while carefully studying what was behind the vent. Behind the vent, there was what could only be described as a medium sized, white room. It looks very modern and minimalistic. There was barely any furniture let alone any character in the way it was designed. From the angle i was kneeling at, i couldn't really see much - i wanted to get a closer look. 


There was no one in the room. I knew this would probably be the only chance i got, and so i took that chance. 


"I'm going to go in there." I said calmly.


Jazz looked at me like i was crazy.


"Um, what?" She asked me.


"You heard me," I said. "I am going to go in there. I need to know what's in there."


"But you don't know what could be in there!" Jazz tried to protest.


"Exactly." I shrugged. "I need to know, otherwise it will kill me."


Jazz frowned.


"Well if you die, you can't blame me." She said in a huff.


"I'm not going to die, Jazz." I said calmly.


Jazz simply shrugged her shoulders.


I peered through the vent one last time to make sure the coast was clear before leaning back on my elbows and using as much force as i could to kick the vent open. There was a loud bang and the vent was no on the floor in the secret room. I ducked into the room and looked at my surroundings. There were numerous desks lining the walls, these desk each had at least 2 massive computers on them. Some screens were black, but others were on. I walked up to one computer and stared at the screen. I could see the teachers in the lounge room, how weird. On the other side of the screen i could see the grounds surrounding the house, and on the bottom of the screen i could see the rest of the girls helping the boys move to the lounge room. 


"Jazz..." I called out. "Jazz, you need to see this."


Jazz groaned.


"I don't want to die, i am not coming down there." She replied.


"Jazz! Get down here right now, you need to see this!" I  snapped.


I could tell Jazz was a bit taken back with my tone, but nonetheless she was down here in an instance. She could tell i wasn't messing around. As she neared the computer's screen, her normally smiling face was turned into a concerned frown.


"What is this?" She said screwing up her nose.


"I think there are cameras all over this house, i think that this is where everything is monitored from." I told her.


"But, why?" Was all Jazz said.


"I don't know," I admitted. "But i do know that this isn't normal."


Jazz nodded in agreement. 


"You know, i don't actually know if there is some foreign army in those woods." I said, walking around the room.


"What do you mean? They wouldn't lie to us, Ellie." Jazz inquired as she followed me.


I thought for a minute as i walked aimlessly around the room, stopping to look at everything.


"I don't know," I said after a while. "But don't you think if there was some army out there they would of done something by now? Wouldn't they of at least tried to overtake the house by now?"


Jazz knew i had a point, i could tell she was thinking over my words by her silence.


"I suppose you're right." She finally said.


Out of nowhere i could hear footsteps fast approaching.


"Who is that? Where are they coming from?" Jazz hissed.


I looked around the room urgently, there has to be somewhere we could hide. A small closet in the corner of the room caught my eye. I motioned to Jazz.


"Quick," I whispered. "Get in here!" 


We ran over to the closet and got inside, closing the door only just in time. This was now the second time i was in this position but at least this time it was with Jazz.


The people belonging to the footsteps were now inside the room.


"How's the project been going?" A voice asked, it was clearly a woman's. 


Project? What project? 


"It's been effective, we've had a few change of plans but nothing we can't deal with." A familiar British voice announced.


That was voice was so familiar to me, i just couldn't quite put my finger on who it was though. 


"Samantha." A deep voice growled.


Samantha must be the name of the woman who spoke earlier.


"Yes, sir?" Samantha replied.


"This project better work, your job is on the line." The deep voice said firmly.


I could hear footsteps walking off and a loud bang as a door was slammed shut. I assumed the man with the deep voice had left.


"Thank god he's gone!" The familiar British voice said, letting out a huge sigh.


I heard scuffling around and then silence, the guy with the familiar British voice and Samantha must of left. I waited a few moments before giving Jazz one last look before slowly pushing the closet door open. I stepped out into the room and froze; They certainly hadn't left. Jazz stumbled out of the closet after me and also stopped dead in her tracks as soon as she saw the people in front of us.


No one moved and no one spoke. We were all in too much of a shock from what we all saw before us. I couldn't believe who i was standing in front of! No wonder his accent was so familiar, because right in front of me there stood the one and only Zayn Malik.


"What the hell are you doing in here?" Jazz asked, a look of shock plastered all over her face. 


Jazz obviously couldn't believe he was in this room either.


Zayn raised an eyebrow at us.


"I could ask you the same question." He replied calmly.


He was too calm, way too calm. 


"Well actually, we don't know where we are." I pointed out. "We accidentally found this room, so you can't blame us for being here."


Samantha still hadn't said a word, but i noticed she was slowly making her way to the door as the rest of us stood still in confusion.


"Don't you even think about slipping out!" Jazz snapped unexpectedly. 


Her whole body was facing Samantha and she had her hands on her hips. Samantha jumped forward and raised her hands in defeat.


"Mmhhmm, just as i thought." Jazz said piercing her eyes at Samantha.


"Zayn, you still haven't told us what you are doing in here." I pointed out.


Zayn rolled his eyes at me.


"That is none of your business." He replied.


I turned to Samantha and flattened my lips into a straight line.


"What is this room?" I asked her.


Samantha didn't reply to my question. I stepped right up to her, i was easily 5 centimetres taller than her. I looked down at her and gave her a glare.


"I said, What is this room?!" I asked again, but more forcefully this time.


I was towering above her at this time, and she noticed because she started to cower away from me. 


"I-It's just the control room." She said quietly.


"Control room for what?" I asked her impatiently.


Samantha glanced over at Zayn and then straight back at me.


"It's the control room for my project." 


"What project? Tell me!" 


"I'm doing a documentary on teenage lives and what they have to deal with, your school volunteered to help out and so did Zayn."


I looked over at Zayn, a look of confusion plastered all over my face.


"What? I don't understand? Don't you need permission from our parents to do this?" I asked.


"We have permission, the school got everyone's parents to sign a form for the trip they think you're taking now but actually they signed their permission for you to be in my documentary."


"This, this is so messed up." I said taking a step away from her.


"We've been watching your every move from the start of this school year, planning the perfect time to start recording. You're the main subject in this documentary." 


"So you've been spying on me all year?!" 


"Well, not me exactly..."


Samantha glanced quickly at Zayn.


I could feel the tears building up in my eyes.


"Zayn?..." I whispered, turning to face him. 


He had remained completely silent throughout this whole situation.


"Tell me," I pleaded him. "Tell me it's not true!" 


His silence confirmed it all.


This whole time, everything we went through; It was all one big lie.


"And also..." Samantha began.


My eyes flared in anger as i spun around to face her. It was only then i fully took her appearance, she looked like she was in her twenties. But day's of stressful work had taken a toll on her face, she already had bags under her eyes.


"And also' what?" I asked furiously.


I had really had enough by that time.


"There isn't actually a foreign army out in the woods," She began slowly. "It was just something we planned to get you all to stay in the house so that it would be easier to document you."


I could feel the room spinning, and suddenly, i was on the floor. I had fainted. Voices faded in and out.




"...Don't....move her..."


"...What...we do?..."


"...No one...must...know.."



****Author's Note****

Thank you all so much for reading! You guys make this all possible :* 
What do you think of this chapter? Comment your theories and stuff, i want to see what you all think!

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