Black Heart

Ellie's life is great. She has great friends, family and nothing seems to go wrong on her life until the day she meets Louis. Ellie thought things couldnt get any worse, but then she met Louis's four friends and now everything is complicated and she cant make up her mind.


25. Chapter 25


The footsteps were fast approaching. I could tell that if I didn't react, neither would Niall. I grabbed Niall by the arm and quickly dragged him into a room right next to where we were crouching. Once inside I quickly shut the door and scoped out the room to find something I could barricade the door with. I spotted a couch in the far side of the room. I didn't want to speak just in case they could hear us, so instead I looked at Niall and pointed to the couch. He seemed to understand my idea. We silently lifted the couch and quickly carried it over to barricade the door. As we set it down, the couch made the old wooden floor creek beneath us. The footsteps were right outside of the door now. I could hear whoever it was out there opening and shutting doors, looking in every room and cupboard they could find. 

"Quick," I beckoned to Niall. "Get into the wardrobe!" 

We hurried over to the huge wardrobe and got inside, we shut the door as quietly as we could; fully aware that someone was right outside of the door. The wardrobe was empty, so there was plenty of room for us to spread out and get comfortable but still I could feel Niall pressing up against me. Even though it was quite dark in the wardrobe, I could still faintly make out Niall's smile. Niall let out a soft chuckle. 

"What?" I whispered to him. 

"It's just a but weird," he said quietly. "This is something like out of a movie. It seems so cliché." 

I rolled my eyes at how naive Niall was about the situation.

"It won't be so cliché when they shoot your brains out." I scoffed quietly. 

Niall let out another soft chuckle but he was quickly silenced as the door was burst open. I covered his mouth with my hand, pleading he wouldn't make a noise. Someone was now in the room with us, inches away from discovering our hiding spot. The footsteps slowly came closer towards us. They stopped just in front of the wardrobe we were hiding in. The doors were slowly opened. I pressed up against Niall who had frozen in fear. I started to feel dizzy but then remembered I had stopped breathing out of fear. 

The doors were now fully open to reveal the mystery person standing right in front of us; Louis. I gasped at the sight of him, he was not who I was expecting to see at all! But nonetheless I was so relieved to see him. 

"Bloody hell, guys." He said, standing awkwardly in front of us. "What the hell are you doing in here?" 

I let out a huge sigh of relief and I felt Niall relax behind me. 

"Louis! You nearly gave us a freaking heart attack!" I exclaimed. "We thought - well, I thought..." 

"You thought I was someone from that enemy camp, didn't you?" Louis questioned. 

Niall nodded. 

"Well that would explain the door being barricaded," he stated. "And I suppose why you two were in here."

I realised Niall and I were still in the wardrobe. Louis stepped back and allowed us to step out. I felt so stupid for overreacting, but I guess it was ok. I don't think it woulda of been right to take a risk. Especially if I was someone from that enemy camp. 

"You still haven't told us why you were silently traipsing around." Niall said, crossing his arms. 

Niall obviously felt ashamed over how scared he had gotten, but I don't blame him. In fact, I think I was cute. 

"I don't know, I got bored." Louis said with a shrug. "We aren't allowed out of the house so I thought I would explore." 

"Oh." Was all I could manage to say. 

"What are you two doing up here anyway?" 

"We were just, you know, hanging out.." Niall replied awkward

Louis have a short nod. 

"We'll this is all fine and dandy," I said to the two boys. "But maybe we should go back downstairs now, we don't need anymore people coming up here."

The boys both agreed and we slowly trudged downstairs and joined everyone in the food hall. 


****Louis's POV****

As we walked back to join the others I slowed down my pace so that I was now walking behind Niall and Ellie. 

I observed the way she held his arm as they walked side by side. Niall said something that made Ellie laugh, her head tilted back as the laughter fell from her lips. Her eyes screwed shut from laughing so hard. 

"God, Niall." She said in between giggles. "You have the funniest jokes, I swear!" 

She is so beautiful when she laughs, I couldn't ever let her know I thought that of course. She seemed happy enough with Niall now that Zayn is out of the picture, well I hope he is. Sometimes he doesn't have the best intentions for girls. 

I watched the two in front of me bicker back and forth about various things, I didn't bother to try and listen to what they were talking about. I was quite jealous of Niall, I so badly wanted to be the one to make Ellie laugh and smile. I knew right then and there, that even if it kills me. I want to make sure she never cries again. Ellie turned around to face me. 

"You alright there, Lou?" She asked me sweetly. 

I nodded.

"Just thinking." I replied. 

She smiled at me and went back to discussing with Niall about all of the different pizza's they'd tried at some point in their lives. 

I found my mind wondering back to where I had found them, in that wardrobe pressed so close together even though the wardrobe was big enough to fit at least 5 people in it. Who knows what they could of been doing in there? I shuddered at the thought of anyone touching Ellie but me. I loved that she was happy, to me that us the most important thing. But the fact that its one of my best friends making her feel this way and not me made me feel sad. If only she knew how much I cared for her, then maybe we could be happy together. 


****Ellie's POV****

Louis was being unusually quiet. He looked very grim, the normal gleam that shone in his eyes wasn't there. He trailed slowly behind Niall and I, not bothering to join in our conversations. But maybe that could just be because he has no interest in food.

"Louis," I said looking him straight in the eyes. "Are you sure you're ok?"

He nodded and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Yeah, just a tad tired." He replied with a weak smile.

I thought it was best to just leave him be, i'm sure Louis would talk to me if he wasn't ok. 

"Hey guys, i'm going to go and have a nap." Louis spoke up. "I'll catch up with you later, ok?"

I nodded.

"Of course mate! Go rest up, you're looking kind of pale." Niall replied with a soft smile. 

Louis quickly walked off without another word and left Niall and i to wonder if he really was ok. We continued to walk down the massive hallway, an awkward silence hung in the air around us. Niall finally broke the silence.

"It's a tad weird though, don't you think?" He said.

"What's weird?" I asked confusedly.

"The fact that there is supposedly some kind of enemy army in the woods yet they haven't come to take over the house yet, it doesn't quite add up." 

"Careful what you wish for!" I joked. 

Niall screwed up his nose.

"No, seriously, don't you think it's the least bit odd though?" 

I thought for a minute.

"I guess so, but to be honest, i don't really want them trying to take over the house anyway."

Niall laughed.

"Yeah, that's true." He said.

Niall looked at the watch he had on his wrist.

"Come on," He said grabbing my hand. "Dinner will be served in exactly 10 minutes."

I laughed at his precision.

"Of course you would know the exact time dinner is served!" I grinned.

"I sure do, babe." Niall joined in with my laughter.

We ran down the hallway as fast as we could so that we could get to the food before everyone else took it all. As we reached the food hall, we were expecting a huge feast awaiting us. But instead there was only small plates with meagre amounts of food on them.

"Where's all the food?" Niall whined.

One of the teachers looked up at us from the book they were reading.

"I thought we'd already explained we need to ration off food?" They said raising an eyebrow at Niall.

"You did, Niall just likes his food that's all." I quickly explained to the teacher. 

The teacher nodded and went back to reading their book. 

Niall was still moaning about the lack of food.

"Quit whining," I said to him firmly. "At least we have food."

Niall huffed.

"If i die from lack of food, i am blaming you." He muttered to me.

I laughed. 

"Go ahead, you're not going to die." I said humorously.

Niall raised an eyebrow in my direction but continued to eat his food before it got cold.

"Well," I began slowly. "Not yet anyway.."


****Author's Note****

I know, i suck for not updating in like ages.. and nothing really happens in this chapter sorry.. BUT in other news, i hit 2k reads!! You are all so amazing and i read every single one of your comments! I love to read and see what you guys think of the book, each and every one of you give me ideas for the chapters. But yeah i just wanted to say thank you so much, i love you all and keep commenting too! It encourages me to write longer chapters and update faster! x

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