Black Heart

Ellie's life is great. She has great friends, family and nothing seems to go wrong on her life until the day she meets Louis. Ellie thought things couldnt get any worse, but then she met Louis's four friends and now everything is complicated and she cant make up her mind.


21. Chapter 21


"Come on just do it already." Zayn pleaded

I took a deep breath.

"Zayn, i don't think i'm ready for this." I said. 

"Sure you are! You'll love it, everyone does." 

"But i won't know what to do!"

"I'll be guiding you along."

"Zayn..." I said. "I don't think this is safe, i mean, do we even have protection?!"

"Course! We've got our helmet and safety harness." He replied. "Come on, let's just do this."

I wrapped my arms around Zayn's waist and he wrapped his arms around mine. I looked up at his gorgeous face and waited.

One, two, three.... He mouthed.

I quickly shut my eyes as i felt our bodies fall forward, away from the plane and away from safety. We were flying through the air! No; More like falling. I opened my eyes and took in the sight around me, just open space everywhere. Thank god we were wearing safety glasses or our eyes would be burning. I looked over at Zayn as we were falling through the sky and smiled. There was no way anyone else could of gotten me to skydive. 

Five, four, three, two, one... Zayn mouthed.

As soon as he mouthed the word one we both tugged at our ropes and the parachutes came loose, opening themselves up. I let out a little curses as the safety harness attached to the parachute pulled roughly at my chest from the impact. We soared across the ocean, floating our way towards a beautiful beach. As i looked down at the beach, i saw gorgeous, red rose petals adorning the sand and a little white picnic blanket filled with every food you could imagine. It was a warm night, with the sun setting over the ocean; it was perfect. We glided down smoothly and landed on the soft sand, i stumbled a bit as i got used to the fact that i was on land again but luckily Zayn clung onto me to stop me from falling over. The way he held onto me so tightly, it was as if he though i was the most delicate thing in the world and that if he let me go i would break. 

"Zayn," I coaxed. "It's okay now, i'm safe."

Zayn laughed nervously and let me go. I stumbled away from him a bit, trying to steady my head. Surprisingly, Skydiving can make you extremely dizzy. I saw the look on Zayn's face and laughed.

"Zayn, i'm fine!" I said. "There's no reason for you to be so concerned for me."

Zayn walked right up to me and held me by my arms.

"Yes," He said. "Yes there is, i'm not going to let you get hurt again! I already hurt you once but you will never get hurt again when i'm around."

I didn't reply, i was too astounded. Zayn shifted awkwardly from foot to foot.

"You look gorgeous by the way!" He exclaimed.

I looked down at the sand nervously.

"Thanks." I replied.

Zayn took my hand and led me over to the picnic. 

"I didn't know what you liked," he began. "So i got everything i could think of."

I sat down on the soft blanket and Zayn sat next to me. I took one of the bread rolls from the plate and cut it in half,  getting ready to butter it. I then gathered little vegetables like cucumber and tomatoes to put inside of it.

"Would you like some cheese with that?" Zayn asked, holding out the cheese.

"Yes please." i nodded.

Zayn took my roll from me and cut up the cheese so that it would fit perfectly into my roll. 

"What did you think of the skydive?" Zayn asked as he handed my roll back to it.

"I was terrified at first!" i admitted, "But i must admit i had so much fun."

Zayn laughed, "I bet no one else could of gotten you to do that."

I took a huge bite of my roll and savoured it before replying.

"Yes, you bet right. No one else could of ever gotten me to do that" 

Zayn laughed again and turned away, rooting around in a bag. I finished my roll and sneakily wiped my hands on my shorts.

"Ah ha!" Zayn suddenly announced, "Here it is!"

I peered over his shoulder.

"Ah ah, no peeking." he tutted.

I leant back into my original sitting position and waited for him to continue.

"Well." i said, "What is it?"

Zayn took a wrapped object from behind his back and handed it to me.

"It's not much." he began as i started to unwrap the gift, "But i know how much you love to read and so i got you this!"

I threw away the wrapper and in my hands were three books; The Perks of being a Wallflower, The Fault in our Stars and Looking for Alaska.

"I recently read these books, and i loved them. So i thought you would enjoy them." he said.

On top of the books there was a tiny, little velvet box with a bright blue bow wrapped around it.

"What is this?" i asked.

"Open it and see." he replied.

I tugged at the bow and it came loose. I slowly opened the tiny box and the sight inside made me well up in happiness.

"Zayn," i began. "Honestly this is too much!"

Zayn shook his head.

"No, please take it. It's perfect. Just like you" he replied.

Little, joyful tears started to well up in my eyes. Inside the box there was a silver chained necklace with a tiny silver star on it. It was so simple, so beautiful and so me. Zayn took the necklace from me and turned me around, putting the necklace on me. Once i was facing him again, he took my face in his hands and held me there softly.

"You are my star," he whispered. "Never forget that."


"So," Jazz began. "What did you get up to yesterday? You were gone all day."

I blushed at the thought of yesterday's memories.

"Oh nothing much, Zayn just took me sky-diving." I said, shrugging my shoulders.

I said it so simply, trying to get a reaction of out Jazz. And it worked.

"What?!" Jazz screeched. "He took you sky-diving?!"

"Yes." I replied.

"What were you thinking? You could of died."

"Yes, we could of. But we didn't"

Jazz groaned.

"Don't worry." I began. "I was perfectly safe. Zayn was with me."

Jazz rolled her eyes.

"Are you sure we're talking about the same Zayn? Is this the same Zayn who also shattered your heart into millions of tiny pieces by doing something he knew would kill you?" Jazz said.

I froze at what Jazz said.

"How could you even say that?" I hissed at her. "He apologised!"

"Only after you asked him about that night!" Jazz pointed out.

I turned away from Jazz. I knew she was right, but, i couldn't admit that to her. Not now, not after what she said.

"I can't do this right now." I said. "Goodnight."

I left Jazz sitting on our living room couch and ran straight to my room. I locked my doors and buried myself into the covers of my huge, cushioning bed. I just needed to be alone.


When i woke up, i wasn't sure where i was. The room around me was spinning and the curtains were wide open letting the blinding sunlight light up my room. The bright light made my eyes burn. I rolled over onto my side and checked my phone which was laying peacefully on my bedside table. i had thousands of notifications and messages. Mostly from Niall. I had a few from Jazz, she apologised for what she said and also mentioned she would leave me alone for a while to calm down. I got a few casual messages, some from phone companies and others from friends from school asking me how the whole competition was going. I checked the date and time on my phone, it was the 26th and my phone also told me it was 11:39 am. I blinked and looked at my phone again, was i reading it right? The 26th?! The last time i checked my phone, it said it was only the 24th. I dropped my phone and held my head in my hands. How long was i asleep for? According to my phone, i havent moved in three days. I picked up my phone and continued to check my messages, i had tons from Niall. He kept asking me if i was ok and where i was etc. He genuinely seemed worried about me. But there was one message that bugged me the most, not from Niall but from Zayn. What bugged me the most about the message wasn't that it was only one message. What bugged me was what the message said;

Hey Ellie,
I'm worried. Call me.

After all we've been through together, that was all? Not even another text asking where i am? Zayn certainly didn't come to check on me. I remember being woken up by banging and shouting at my door. 


"Ellie! Open up! Please Ellie, don't worry me like this!" The voice at my door pleaded.

I groaned and slowly clambered out of my warm and cosy bed.

"What do you want?" I hissed as i opened my door.

I had spent two days in bed. Not bothering to get up, get dressed, have a shower or even brush my teeth let alone eat or drink. I looked horrific.

Niall took a step back when he saw my appearance. But he regained himself and slowly took a step towards me. i hissed at him which made him jump back again. Once he regained himself for the second time, he stayed where he was and looked at me.

"Ellie," He coaxed. "Are you ok?"

i narrowed my eyes at him.

"What does it look like?" I sneered.

Niall nodded.

"Okay," He said. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"No." I replied.

And with that, i slammed the door in his face and returned back to my safe haven; My bed.


I didn't know the specific reason why i stayed in bed for three days. It wasn't because of what Jazz had said to me. It wasn't because she was right, more or less it was because i realised that maybe i shouldn't of taken Zayn back. Maybe i shouldn't of even mentioned that night at the party to him. If i hadn't, would he even of apologised? The very thought made my stomach churn, suddenly i felt a huge rush of nausea come over me. I jumped out of bed and ran to my bathroom. I knelt down next to the toilet and let it all out, i tried to hold my hair out of the way but it wasn't working.

"Here." A gentle voice said out of nowhere.

Someone gathered my hair and held it out of the way while i upchucked everything i had eaten for the past week. When i was sure that i was finished, i wiped my mouth and turned around to face the mystery person who held my hair out of the way.

"L-Louis?!" I stuttered. "W-What are y-you doing h-here?"


***Author's Note***
Sorry i haven't updated in ages, been super busy! Sorry this chapter is a little shorter than i had hoped but i hope you like it!

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