Black Heart

Ellie's life is great. She has great friends, family and nothing seems to go wrong on her life until the day she meets Louis. Ellie thought things couldnt get any worse, but then she met Louis's four friends and now everything is complicated and she cant make up her mind.


2. Chapter 2




And there goes my alarm clock again, one day i swear im going to through it out of the window but i guess without it i would never wake up. I swing my legs out of my warm bed and walk over to my wardrobe for the millionth time. I open it up and stand there, there was no doubt i was probably going to run into Louis today being in the same school and all. So i decided to wear ripped jeans and a black, loose-fitting knitted top that hung off my shoulders. I ruffled my hair a bit and left it natural, just the way i like it. i walk into my bathroom and spray myself all over with perfume and body mist, then i grab my make-up and start to put it on making sure i outline all of my features. 

I walk into the kitchen and everyone is sat down and enjoy scrambled eggs and bacon, i shuffle over to the fridge and grab a Yoghurt before saying goodbye to everyone. 

"Dont you need a lift?" Mum asks confusedly.

"No, no. Thats ok, i'm going to walk today. I need to get fit again for football season but thanks anyway!" I reply with a smile trying to reassure her that i'd be fine with walking.

Before she could object to my decisions i was up and out of the door, making my way down the road. I pulled out my headphones and plugged them into my ipod, i chose my Ed Sheeran album and turned it up loud. 

Suddenly somebody grabbed me from behind. I swung round and started hitting them with my bag, my headphones were ripped out of my ears and were dangling by my side as i froze realising who it was. 

"Ow" They said rubbing their arm.

"Oh my god i am so sorry! But you shouldnt of snuck up on me" I say with an annoyed look on my face.

They wipe some dirt of of their red pants and look at me with a grin.

"Well i was calling your name for about 5 minutes you know, i was asking if you wanted another lift seeing as though your walking again?" Louis said with a wink.

 "Fine, but we're not going to make this a usual thing" I say stubbornly as i get into his car.

Louis just laughed and buckled his seatbelt, he puts the car into gear and drives off down the road. On the radio i can here Little Bird by Ed Sheeran playing and so i turn it up and close my eyes to enjoy the song.

"You like Ed Sheeran?" Louis asked surprisedly.

I open my eyes and turn to look at him.

"Of course, i love him. He's my idol, his songs have so much meaning and are so relatable!" I reply with enthusiasm.

"Well his songs are quite good i must admit, i just didnt think you'd be the kind of girl to like him" Louis laughs.

"Oh really? Well what music did you think i liked?" I asked shocked.

"Haha, um well, i guess i had you down as a Nicki Minaj sort of girl or like some boyband obsessed music lover" Louis said with a cheeky grin.

I laughed and said "No way, i like songs with meaning. Real meaning with things that i can relate to in them"

Louis nodded and went back to concentrating on his driving. I laid my head back into the seat and closed my eyes, after a few minutes i felt like i was being watched so i half opened my eyes and caught Louis looking at me. He saw that i had caught him and whipped his head to the front and stayed that way for the rest of the drive. 


The first half of the day went fast and it soon got to be lunch, Jazz was waiting for me outside my class and we walked to the cafeteria. Jazz bought a Turkey sandwich and i bought an apple and a mueslie bar. We walked over to our usual spot and sat down to eat.

"You should really buy one of these you know, they are really good!" Jazz says referring to her turkey sandwich.

I was about to reply to her suggestion when two large hands covered my eyes.

"Guess who?" A male voice said into my ear.

"Umm Connor?" I guessed wildly not knowing who it could be.

"Wrong" The voice said as they took their hands away from my eyes.

I spun round wanting to konw who it was but my heart dropped when i saw it was Louis.

"Oh, hi" I said quietly.

Louis sat down next to me and motioned his friends to sit down at the table too.

"So who's Connor? Is he your boyfriend?" Louis said with a pout. "Cos if he is, i think i'll have to have a word with him" 

"No! Connor is not my boyfriend!" I say angrily at the assumption. "He is my best friend, aside from Jazz here"

"Good" Louis said with a huge smile. "Oh by the way Ellie, these are my friends. Thats Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn" 

He motioned to each of his friends and they all said hey.

"Well this is Jazz" I say motioning to Jazz. 

"Well now thats all sorted out, let's eat" Louis says while grabbing his roll from his bag.

"Umm what are you doing?" I ask confusedly.

"I'm eating, you know. Nom nom nom? Niall, show her what eating is would you?" Louis replied.

"No, no. I know what eating is" I interrupt. "What i mean is why are you here?"

"What, so you mean i cant eat lunch with my new friend? I'm hurt" Louis says with a pout.

Louis then starts to fake cry, he makes so much noise that everyone starts to watch him and stare at us. He wails loudly and so i grab his arm.

"Ooh, fiesty" Louis says with a wink.

"Fine, you can sit with us" I say as i roll my eyes.

Louis grins and takes a bite of my mueslie bar, i look at his friends and they all seem to be a bit surprised by Louis behavior.

"So, uh, have you known Louis long then Ellie? He talks about you a lot" Harry asks politely.

Louis blushes hard and glares at Harry, i frown and fiddle with my nails.

"No, i only just met him yesterday actually. So i dont get where you got the idea that ive known him long" I say declaringly. 


I was walking home alone again when i heard a car pull up behind me, i turned round expecting it to be Louis but instead it was a parent picking up their kid. I sigh and walk on for a few more minutes before i hear another car come up behind me. This time when i turn round Louis is in the drivers seat of his car and is smiling at me.

"Get in" He says.

I walk over to his car and get in the passengers seat. The ride home was quiet, the only noise heard was the engine, the traffick around us and the radio. As i was getting out of the car when we reached my house i finally got up the courage to ask him what Harry meant. 

"What did Harry mean today when he said you talk about me a lot, we've only just met?" I ask quietly.

Louis eyes widen and he stays quiet for a while but i wait patiently.

"I...uh...well....bye!" Louis suddenly says.

He drives off quickly down the road.

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