Black Heart

Ellie's life is great. She has great friends, family and nothing seems to go wrong on her life until the day she meets Louis. Ellie thought things couldnt get any worse, but then she met Louis's four friends and now everything is complicated and she cant make up her mind.


18. Chapter 18


"Get. Up. Now!" A voice shouted as the curtains in my room were ripped open.

The sunlight poured over my bed and started to burn my eyes. I looked over to the person standing by the window.

"You know Doris, you shouldn't be so excited about today" I said.

I propped myself up onto my elbows and looked at her. She rolled her eyes and walked out of my room.

"Get up! And get ready!" She called back behind her.

I let out a huge sigh and got out of bed, i walked over the closet and decided on what to wear before stepping into the shower. 

(Ellie's outfit --> <-- Check it out please?)

When i walked down stairs and into the lounge room, everyone was buzzing with excitement. I joined Doris, Lily and Jazz who were sitting down on one of the couches at the side of the room. 

"Hey!" I said as i sat down across from them.

"Good morning" Lily smiled.

We chattered for a bit while we waited for everyone to arrive, and as soon as everyone did; We were all deadly silent.

One of the teachers cleared their throat and stood in the middle of the room.

"Right, well we all know today is our first challenge and you will have to go in partners for this challenge. Before i draw names out of a hat, i will explain to you about this challenge. It is an extreme treasure hunt, to get to each clue you much do extreme and adventurous tasks. The first partnership to reach the finish wins one point each to go towards their score. I will explain more about your score, your score is the amount of points you will receive from winning the challenges. The person/s with the most points at the end of this experience will win the prizes." The teacher said. "And now i will draw names from a hat, i will draw two at a time and the two that i draw will be partners for this challenge" 

The teacher turned to her right and picked up a hat from a coffee table, inside the hat was everyones names.

"Okay so our first pair is...." She dove her hand into the hat and picked up two pieces of paper. "Lily and Tammy!"

"Harry and Liam" 

"Doris and Sue"

"Grace and Jazz" 

"Connor and Julia"

"Thomas and Samantha"

"Daniel and Callum" 

"Niall and Luke"

"And last but not least, Ellie and Zayn"

I froze. Me and Zayn, together. Did i hear her right? I looked over at Niall and he gave a real look of sympathy. I guess i did hear her right, i was with Zayn. Oh joy, perfect way to start the challenges. i stood up and waited awkwardly as everyone went off with their partners. 

"Oh and guys don't forget that the first clue is under the big oak tree!" The teacher called after them.

Zayn walked over to me and avoided my eye contact. 

"Ready to go?" I asked.

Zayn nodded and we walked to the big oak tree. I was determined not to let him mess up my chances of winning, ill play it cool for now and then maybe about half way through this challenge i will talk to him about his behaviour at Alanna's party. When we got to the oak tree we looked all over for the clue but we couldn't find it. 

"Hey! I think i found it!" I exclaimed as i was examining the bark.

I had found a hole in the tree that was hollowed out, i looked inside to see if the clue was inside but it was too dark to see anything. 

"The only way we'll know if the clue is in there is if one of us puts our hand inside of there" Zayn declared.

I nodded.

"Okay, i'll do it" I replied.

"Are you sure?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah, im sure" I said, taking a deep breath.

I was a little concerned, i mean the teacher said 'adventurous and extreme tasks' i just hope that the first task wont be too bad. I calmed myself and took a deep breath, i slowly placed my hand into the hole and began to dig around inside. It wasn't to bad at first, that was until my hand touched something gooey and slimy. 

"Ahhh!" I squealed.

"What?!" Zayn asked, jumping forward.

"It's all gooey and slimy!" I said pulling my hand.

I looked at my hand and screamed. There were worms, blood and guts all over it.

"Oh my god, oh my god" I whispered quietly. 

I harshly wiped my hand on the grass to get rid of the blood and guts. Zayn walked up to the hole and stuck his hand inside of the tree, he dug around for a bit before drawing out his hand. In his hand he had a piece of paper.

"It says 'Your next clue stands at the top of a volcano', what could that mean?" Zayn said, wiping his hand on the grass.

I frowned for a minute.

"I dont actually think there are any volcanoes around here" I said.

"Yeah, i agree" Zayn nodded.

"I think i know where it could be!" I exclaimed. 

I wondered where all the others were, i bet they were all way ahead of us by now.

"Well, where?" Zayn asked.

But i wasn't gong to give him the answer the answer that easily.

"Well, whats this house called?" I said, gesturing to the huge house behind us.

"The School House?" Zayn said.

"Yeah, and what do you do at School?" I asked.

"You learn?" Zayn replied.

"Which subject would you learn about Volcanoes in?" I asked.

"Well, science mostly" Zayn replied. 

"Exactly, good boy. Now since we're meant to be doing school lessons here too, there must be a science classroom somewhere and that must be where the volcano is" I say.

Zayn nods and we both run up to the house together.

"I think the classrooms would most likely be on the top floor" Zayn said. 

We raced up the stairs to the top floor and discovered that Zayn was right, they classrooms were on the first floor.

"Look there's the science room!" Zayn said, pointing to the room at the end of the hall.

When we got there we saw a paper-mache volcano, I walked straight up to the volcano and looked inside. I could see a piece of paper, i dug out the paper and looked at it.

"It says 'To find out the next clue you must mix together the chemicals provided', i wonder where the chemicals are?" I said. 

Zayn wondered around the room.

"Aha! I have an idea!" Zayn exclaimed.

"What?!" I asked.

"Maybe if we melt the volcano and then find out the chemical product from doing so, that may give us the answer?" Zayn said, walking over the the volcano.

I nodded and went to get some matches and a huge glass bowl. Zayn placed the volcano into the glass bowl and then i lit matches and held them underneath the bowl. In no time at all, the volcano began to melt down and decompose. 

"It's working!" I said excitedly. 

When it was fully melted, i blew out the matches and grabbed a spatula to stir up the now liquid volcano.

"Here, go grab that science book and see if they have a periodic table" I said to Zayn. 

He flipped open the book and turned the pages until he found a periodic table.

"Got it" He said. "Where did you get the volcano from?" 

"Over there" I pointed to the table in the corner.

Zayn went over to the table and picked up a piece of paper.

"It says the volcano is made out of Carbon and Argon, their symbols are C and Ar." Zayn announced. "C and Ar.... Hmmm, what could that mean?"

"Um, maybe 'Car'?" I suggested.

"Yeah, 'Car'! I guess that means the car park?" Zayn said.

"Yeah, okay let's go" I said.

As we left the room, i looked behind us and spotted and a few volcanoes left on the back shelf. Well at least now i know that we weren't coming last. When we got to the car park, there were lots of rally cars all lined up with helmets on the seats. We walked up to one and looked inside, there was nothing apart from a GPS and the helmets of course. 

"It looks like we have to drive somewhere" Zayn said getting into the car.

I got in as well and put on my helmet, i looked at Zayn and he still hadn't put his helmet on. 

"Aren't you going to wear that?" I asked.

Zayn shrugged.

"I'll be fine" He said.

"Okay..." I said, unsure if i should make him put the helmet on or not. 

Zayn started the engine and we heard a loud beep coming from the GPS.

"Welcome" It said. 

Zayn and i looked at each other and frowned.

"Okay then" Zayn said.

Zayn reversed and drove out of the gates.

"Turn right in 150 metres" The GPS said.

"I think the GPS is going to direct us to the next clue" I shouted over the roar of the wind.

"Yeah, i think so too" Zayn shouted back.

I looked forward and relaxed as Zayn drove us to the next clue.

"You have 5 minutes and counting to reach your destination before this car will self destruct" The GPS said out of nowhere. 

I sat upright, eyes wide open.

"What did it just say?!" I shouted. 

"Umm, i'm pretty sure it just told us we had 5 minutes to get to the next clue before the car blows up!" Zayn shouts back.

"Wow, um ok. Then we'd better get there soon!" I shout.

Zayn nods and steps on the accelerator making the car go a lot faster than before.


Out of nowhere, that sound pierced our ears and made Zayn swerve the car a bit.

"What was that?!" I shouted, scared out of my mind. 

"I think someone didn't quite make it there in 5 minutes!"

"What makes you say that?!" 

"I can smell burnt rubber plus there's smoke over there!" 

"Oh well that would explain it!" I shouted back.

Our car zoomed ahead and we didn't look back to see if anyone hadn't made it. 

"Your destination is just around the next corner, in 300 metres" The GPS said.

We struggled to hear it over the roar of the wind but we both knew what it was going to say next.

"You have 30 seconds and counting before this car self destructs" It said.

"Zayn..." I warned. "We need to get out, now"

"I agree!" Zayn replied.

Zayn spun the car around and hit the accelerator one last time before we banged up against a railing. We both jumped out of the car and scrambled to find a safe area to hide from the explosion.

"You have now reached your destination" The GPS said. "This car will now self destruct in 3, 2, 1.."


The car exploded into bits everywhere, debris raining down on us. I tried to cover myself from the burning hot material but it wasn't working, instead the material was burning through my clothes and scorching my skin. I felt a strong arm covering me and suddenly the pain was gone, it wasn't hurting anymore. I looked up and Zayn was covering me from the debris. 

"Thank you" I said, standing up.

Zayn stood up as well and shook himself off.

"Dont mention it" He replied.

"Well that was eventful" I smiled weakly.

"It sure was" Zayn laughed.

The truth was, i kind of missed him. I kind of missed us. Which reminded me, i really needed to talk to him and let him explain about what he thinks happened at that party. 

"Come on, let's get going!" Zayn said, walking off.

But i guess that will have to wait until later.


**Author's Note**

I'm sorry it took so long to update, i've been so busy with school and friends and stuff so yeah :) Thanks everyone so much for the reads and now we just have to get to 2,000!
This chapter is dedicated to my best friend Dorisaur <3 I miss you loads beautiful.

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