Black Heart

Ellie's life is great. She has great friends, family and nothing seems to go wrong on her life until the day she meets Louis. Ellie thought things couldnt get any worse, but then she met Louis's four friends and now everything is complicated and she cant make up her mind.


15. Chapter 15


"Mum, quick, hurry up!" I shout back inside of the house.

Jazz, Doris, Connor and i are all standing next to my mum's car with our suitcases and bags ready to go to School. Once we get to school, the teachers take our bags and we all get into a limo and they drive us to the 'School house'. I guess they call it the 'School House' because technically, we're still attending school there; Just for a longer and more fun period of time. We're expected to follow the rules and participate in every challenge they set us to do, if we lost a challenge; We were sent home. Rumours are that the winner/s get to keep the house and everything in it plus an all expenses paid trip to a place of your choice . 

"I'm coming, i'm coming!" My mum said breathlessly as she shut the front door and hurried over to the car. 

She unlocked the car and we piled our bags etc. in the boot and then we all climbed into the small car, rearing to go. 

"Right, you guys ready? You haven't forgotten anything have you?" My mum asked.

We all shook our heads. 

"Okay, let's go!" My mum says with a smile.

We were all speechless when we arrived at school because out of the car windows, we could see 4 massive limo's parked and awaiting us. There was one for each year group, for example; One for the Sophomore girls, one for the Sophomore boys, one for the Senior Girls and one for the Senior boys. We all scrambled out of the car and quickly handed our luggage off to the teachers, i kissed my mum goodbye and hurried over to where my friends were stood; Zayn and the boys were also with them. I smile at everyone but completely ignored Zayn. 

"Ellie, please!" Zayn said, looking right at me with sad eyes.

"Zayn, just leave it!" I snapped, crossing my arms and looking away from him.

Zayn walked right through our little group and dragged me away, once we were out of earshot he turned to me and just stared.

"What do you want?" I asked coldly. 

"I want you to let me explain!" He pleaded.

"Zayn there is nothing to explain, i saw what i saw and that's that!" I snapped. "But you know what? That's just not it. I gave you everything, i was nothing but good to you and you go and do something so dog like this. I have lost all respect for you. I'm only young, and yeah, people have told me to stay away from love, i didn't understand until now what they meant and i should of listened. I wish i had never of met you Zayn, i really do."

I turned away from him, tears welling up in my eyes. I was expecting him to be raging at me, i even braced myself ready for the impact. But to my surprise, he just stood there; Not saying a word. Zayn took in a deep breath and took a step towards me. 

"No" I said, holding my hands up to block him. "I don't need this right now, today was supposed to be the best day but now its ruined" 

I turned around and walked away from him, leaving him standing there; Dazed, confused and alone.

When i returned to my friends, they pretended like they weren't trying to listen to our conversation. 

"Uh, so yeah, i got this new top and well..." Doris said quickly, trying to cover up what they were actually doing.

Out of nowhere, someone touched my arm. I look up and it's Niall.

"Come help me with my luggage? I don't want to ruin your lovely packing" He smiled softly.

I looked back at our friends, they were busy talking.

"Ok, sure" I nodded.

Niall grinned and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, we walked in silence towards his car. Niall opens the boot to his car and starts to unload his bags, i slowly slip away and sit down in his car; Lost in my own thoughts.

"Do you want to talk about it?" A voice asked.

I looked up and saw Niall sitting next to me inside of his car. I shook my head.

"I-i just.." I began.

"Shh.." Niall whispered. "It's okay, don't worry"

Niall drew me in towards me and held me in his arms, rocking me back and forth. He was so good to me, he's always been there for me; Through everything. He's the only one who actually understands, he was there after all.

"I hate him Niall, i really do!" I cry.

Niall starts to rub my back.

"It will be ok and it will get better, trust me" He said quietly. "Maybe, just to get some closure, you should talk to him more about it? Find out what really happened? I know for a fact how sorry he is, maybe if you let him apologise properly then you will feel at least a little but better"

I sit back from Niall and wipe my eyes, Niall was right; I couldn't leave it like this. I was just about to reply when we both heard a whistle being blown.

"Come on" Niall said, taking my hand. "Looks like we're leaving!" 

I give him a weak smile and help him hand his luggage to one of the teachers. We rejoin our friends and wait to be sorted into our groups. Doris, Jazz and i followed the rest of the Sophomore girls into the limo assigned to us.

"You alright, babe?" Doris asked, clicking in her seat belt.

Jazz and i both did the same, leaning back into our extremely comfy seats.

"Yeah, i'm better now" I reply softly.

Doris nodded in reply and turned her attention to the inside of the limo, i did the same.

The inside of the limo was pinky-purple and the seats were a perfect lilac leather, at the front of the limo we had a massive Flat Screen TV and at the back of the limo here was a huge mirror with doors opening up to a fridge full of treats and things. I quickly scramble over to the fridge and grab some of the treats for Doris, Jazz and i. 

"Here you go!" I say, handing the treats out between us.

I had no idea how hunger i was until i took my first bite of a snickers bar, i quickly finished that and moved on to the other treats i had with me. 

"Ooh! Girls look!" Someone from the front of the limo squealed. 

We all turned our attention to her and she was bobbing up and down and pointing at the TV.

"It's 5 Seconds of Summer!" Someone from down the back announced.

All of us girls immediately became excited; Two girls rolled down all of the windows while another turned the TV up to the loudest possible volume, but who cares? This is 5 Seconds of Summer we're talking about! Soon enough, we were all singing along at the top of our lungs. Not caring if we were out of tune or not. We all stuck our heads out of the windows and waved to the people around us. We spotted another limo ahead of us and somehow managed to over take it, we were still all singing and when we looked back at the limo we were overtaking; I saw the Senior boys all sticking their heads out of the windows too. Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis were all raving around like mad men but Zayn was no where in sight and that got me thinking, i still needed to work out what i was going to say to him and when; But that can wait until another time.

"This is going to be the best time ever" Jazz squealed as we sat down and started to relax.

I nodded and checked my phone, 2 New Messages.

'Hope you have fun darling, don't forget to let me know how your going! Mum xxx'

'A whole week just hanging out and having fun, can't wait! Niall x'

I smiled at the thought of hanging out with Niall. I quickly put my phone away in my pocket as a voice came over the loud speaker.

"It's going to be quite a few more hours yet until we arrive at our mystery location, so i suggest you all sit back and relax!" A voice boomed over the speakers.

I guessed that was the drivers, clearly a bit distressed over how rowdy we were. I laughed a little before stretching out fully and closing my eyes, perfect opportunity to catch up on my sleep.


***Author's Note***

Drama, drama, drama! :O Who's excited for what's going to happen at the 'School House'?! I am ;) hehe


Oh, and by the way, so close to 1,000 reads! :D you guys are amazing! i will write a huge chapter for 1,000 reads!

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