Black Heart

Ellie's life is great. She has great friends, family and nothing seems to go wrong on her life until the day she meets Louis. Ellie thought things couldnt get any worse, but then she met Louis's four friends and now everything is complicated and she cant make up her mind.


13. Chapter 13

I walked inside and put my bag down in my room. Then i made my way into the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. As i grew closer to the kitchen i could hear laughter inside. 

"Hey mum, i'm home!" I say as i enter the kitchen.

"Hey" My mum smiled at me.

I reach for the bread and take out two slices.

"Oh, i've already made you a sandwich" My mum says quickly. "It's on the side, over there"

"Thanks" I say as i return the two slices of bread.

I pick up the sandwich and walk with it into the front room to watch some TV. As i enter the front room, i notice i wasn't the first one there. John and a mystery man were talking quietly on the couch. The car outside must belong to him. They both stop talking as soon as they notice me standing in the doorway with a sandwich in my mouth. John clears his throat.

"Yes, well i will call you later and we will discuss that deal" He says standing up.

"Yes, yes. Make sure you do, John" The mystery man replies.

They shake hands and the mystery man walks out of the house and gets into his car. John is standing outside seeing him off, just as he reverses out of the driveway he gives a short nod in our direction and then he was gone.

"Who was he?" I ask as John comes back inside.

"A client" John says curtly.

John didn't seem like he was in the best mood, i think he was a little annoyed at me for interrupting their private talk. I finished off the remainders of my sandwich and went back to my room. I checked my phone and saw 6 missed calls.

(4) Missed Calls from 'Jazz Grant' 

(2) Missed Calls from 'Doris ten Have'

I unlocked my phone and dialled Jazz's number.


"Oh hey Jazz, it's Ellie"

*Hey Ellie!*

"Sorry i missed your calls earlier.."

*Nah, that's ok. I just wanted to see if you wanted to go shopping in like half an hour?*

I thought about it for a second and then sighed.

"Yeah sure, why not?"

*Yay! I'll pick you up in half an hour and i'll bring Doris too!*

"Great, see you soon"

I hung up and flopped back on my bed. Shopping with Jazz means i'll be forced into buying an outfit for the party which then also means i will actually have to end up going to the party. 


When we got to the shops, Doris and Jazz raced off into City Beach. I sort of awkwardly ad slowly made my way there, trying to waste time. I did not want to be here. 

"Come on, Ellie!" Doris called out from the shop. "I've found the perfect dress for you!"

I gave her a little smile and walked into the shop.

"Alright then, show me the dress!" i grinned. 

Jazz and Doris both held up the dress so i could see every aspect of it. I must admit, it was beautiful. 

"Oh wow" Was all i could manage to say.

"Yes, Ellie. Oh wow" Jazz giggled.

"You have to try it on" Doris said excitedly.

I took the dress from them and walked into the change rooms. i took off my clothes and slipped the dress over my head, i zipped it up and admired myself in the mirror. I looked amazing, it showed of my natural curves and was the perfect length. I walked out of the change rooms to show Doris and Jazz.

"Oh my gosh.." Jazz said quietly.

"Ellie, you have to get that dress. It looks amazing on you!" Doris squealed.

I blushed a bit and went back into the change rooms to check myself out again. They were right though, i did look quite good. I took off the dress and put my clothes back on, I then joined Doris and Jazz in looking at shoes.

"These would go perfect with your dress Ellie!" Jazz said.

"Wow! Those are gorgeous" I replied.

I tried the shoes on and they fit perfectly.

"Today is turning out to be a very good day for me!" I giggle as i take off the shoes. "I guess i'll buy these too"

We all grinned at each other and continued to look around the shop. We were looking around the accessories area when i spotted some gold bracelets. I went over to them and picked them up to get a better look.

"Those are so pretty" Doris said from over my shoulder.

"Mmm, they are" I replied. "I think i'll get these too, you know, just to complete the outfit"

Doris laughed and pushed me towards the counter to pay.

"Just these please" I said as i handed over the money.

The cashier smiled at me and put my outfit into a bag.

"Have a nice day" She said as we walked out of the shop.

Doris, Jazz and i all went to Boost and ordered some drinks.

"Well today has been a very productive day" I laughed.

"Mmm, indeed it has!" Jazz replied with a grin.


"Muuuuum! We're ready to go!" Jazz called from outside of her house.

Jazz, Doris and i were all standing out the front of Jazz's house waiting for her mum to drive us to Alanna's party.

"Yes girls! Get in the car now, im coming" Sue says as she walks out of the front door. "Wow, Ellie you look so grown up!"

(Ellie's outfit ---> <--- Check it out!)

I let out a little laugh as we all climb into the car. Sue turned on the radio and we all started to sing along to the song playing which was How We Do by Rita Ora. The perfect song to accommodate the occasion. We arrived at Alanna's house and the party was in full swing.

"Oh wow! There's so many people" Jazz gasped.

"You girls be safe now! Text me when you want me to pick you up" Sue said as she drove away.

We all linked arms and walked up to the front door. It was wide open and we could see everyone inside having a good time.

"Hey guys!" Niall shouted across the room to us.

We quickly walked over to him and all gave him a hug. He reeked of alcohol.

"God, Niall! How much have you had to drink?!" Jazz exclaimed.

"Just a few beers" Niall replied, slightly swaying.

Jazz put her arm around Niall and started to lead him away.

"Right, i've got to get him out of here for a bit. See you later girls" Jazz said to us, walking off.

We waved her off and i turned to Doris.

"Ready to party?!" I squealed.

Doris nodded and grabbed two paper cups full of some kind of drink.

"I dont know what is in here but i don't care!" Doris yelled above the music.

We both downed our drinks and went straight out onto the dance floor. We were dancing together when someone pulled me away from Doris. I turned around and saw Harry.

"Hi Harry!" I grinned.

"Hey! Do you mind if i spend some time with Doris?" He asked leaning towards me.

I smiled.

"Go ahead" I replied.

I walked off leaving them two alone and found Liam sitting on a couch in the back yard. 

"Hey Liam" I said, siting down next to him.

"Hey Ellie" Liam smiled.

"How are you enjoying the party?"

"Oh, yeah. It's alright"

"Aren't you drinking?"

"No, someone's got to get the boys home"

"Oh, well then how come your not in there with the others?"

"I guess im not really in the party mood tonight" 

"Oh" I said with a little pout. "Liam, what's really wrong?"

Liam didn't reply so i put my hand on his arm.

"Liam?" I pressed.

He sighed and i saw little tears welling up in his eyes.

"I just broke up with my girlfriend earlier... i-i'm just not taking it very well" Liam replied quietly.

I could feel him trying to hold in the tears. I bring Liam into me and give him a huge hug.

"Oh Liam!" I said, rubbing his back. "It's all going to be ok"

Liam pulled away from me and wiped his eyes.

"Thank you Ellie" Liam said.

He gave me weak smile before standing up.

"Well thanks to you, i am now going to go in there and enjoy myself!" Liam said proudly.

"Have fun and be safe!" I called after him as he went inside.

I looked inside through a window and saw Louis chatting up some girls, they were hanging on to his every word. I stared at them and started to feel really weird inside. Louis suddenly looked over and caught me staring. He then said something to the girls and started to walk over to me. Shit. Shit. Shit. 

"Hey, you" A voice said behind me.

I turned around and saw Louis. How in the hell did he get here so quickly.

"Hey" I said with a smile.

"You having fun?" He asked.

"Not really, you?" I replied.

"Mmm, it's alright" He said looking inside.

"I saw you talking to those girls"

"Oh them? They were just some try hard girls who i found some what amusing"

"Oh really?"

"Yeah but they're not as amusing as you" Louis said with a wink.

I was about to reply to his little remark when Zayn suddenly showed up out of nowhere and flung his arm around me.

"Hey babe, where have you been? I've looked for you everywhere!" He said with a huge grin.

"Just here, where have you been?" I replied.

"Oh you know, mingling around" He said.

"Oh, yeah sure you were..." Louis muttered under his breath, too low for Zayn to hear.

"What was that Lou?" Zayn asked.

"Oh, nothing" Louis smiled.

"Alright then... well anyway, Ellie, i've got someone i'd love for you to meet! Come on" Zayn said pulling me away from Louis.

Zayn dragged me into the house and into the kitchen, he approached a very pretty girl talking to Liam.

"Hey Cerys! This is Ellie, the one i was telling you about" Zayn said grinning.

I looked at Cerys and took in her features, she had amazing long brown hair and beautiful eyes. She smiled at me and i must admit her smile was stunning.

"Hey, i'm Cerys" She said.

"Nice to meet you, i'm Ellie" I replied flashing her a smile.

"She's going to be joining our school soon!" Liam said excitedly.

"Aw cool! Another new friend!" I replied.   

Cerys smiled at me and then went back to talking with Liam.

"So how do you know Cerys?" I asked Zayn.

"Old family friend" He replied simply.

I nodded. I had a feeling Cerys and I would become quite close.

"So, Cerys" I said. "You looking forward to coming to Hammersly?"

"Oh yeah! Definitely! Everyone I've met so far seem so lovely" She replied with a smile.

"Have you met my two best friends, Jazz and Doris, yet?" I ask.

"Yeah, I think so" Cerys said turning to Zayn. "Are they the girls that Harry introduced me to?"

"Yeah" Zayn replied.

Cerys turned back to me.

"Yes, I apparently have" She said with a giggle.

We held the conversation a little longer until Zayn dragged me away and onto the dance floor. Zayn put his hands on my hips and started to sway to the music, I listened to the best of the song started to do the same. 

"Your a very nice dancer" Zayn said, eyeing the movements of my body. 

"Your not so bad yourself, Malik" I replied with a wink. 

Zayn laughed and moved closer, his body now touching mine as we swayed together. Then Zayn started to softly kiss my neck, I wrapped my arms around his neck as he kissed me. I played with his hair as I look over his shoulder at my surroundings and saw Louis standing on the other side of the room staring at us with a weird look on his face. I looked away in shame, I knew I was hurting him but I don't have feelings for him.

"Babe, I need to pee" I whisper into Zayn's ear.

Zayn laughs and lets go of me. 

"We'll that's attractive" He says.

I smile and walk off In the direction if the bathroom but truthfully, I was actually trying to find my way outside to get some air. It was getting very hot and stuffy inside.  Finally got outside and sat down on a little limestone wall surrounding a flower bed. I was admiring the flowers when I heard footsteps approaching me, I looked up and saw Louis. He sat down next to me and you could practically feel the odour from the alcohol he had clearly been drinking. 

"So you and Zayn are a thing now?" Louis asked.

I looked at him with a confused look on my face.

"I guess so, I don't really know" I replied. 

"Don't give me a pathetic answer, you'd know bloody well if you and Zayn are a thing" Louis said gruffly.

I didn't reply.

"Well? Are you?!" Louis said angrily.

"Yes" I whispered. 

I feared Louis's reaction and so I cowered away from him slightly. But I was wrong, he didn't react the ways expected him to. He simply stood up and walked away. I let out a huge sigh and decided to go back inside and find Doris and Jazz. I found Doris first, I accidentally walked into her and Harry making out in the spare bedroom,

"Oops!" I said. "I'll just come back later..."

I found Jazz in the middle of the dance floor with Cerys, they were both laughing about something. 

"Oh my gosh Ellie, the funniest thing is happening!" Jazz giggled. 

"What? Tell me!" I said with a huge grin. 

"Louis and some slut are getting at it over there on the couch and she's acting like a complete tart, making the funniest expressions!" Jazz laughed. 

I looked over to where her and Cerys were giggling at and she was right, Louis was getting off with a complete tart in front of everybody and worse, in front of me. My eyes widened in horror at the sight I was seeing. I backed away from Jazz and Cerys, walked right up to the drinks table and took 5 shots! 

"What are you doing, Ellie?" Liam questioned as he came up behind me. 

"I'm going to have fun" I replied.

I could already feel the alcohol rushing to my head. I was getting myself into such a big mess, I could just feel it. 

"You alright, Ellie?" Cerys asked as I approached them again.

"I'm great, lets have some fun!" I reply with a huge smile. 

I start to move my body to the music the DJ was playing and once I focused on how my body was moving, I forgot about everything and felt like nothing could stop me. Cerys and Jazz both joined in on dancing with me and soon enough all eyes were on our bodies.

"Well guys and gals, it looks like we have some pretty fine ladies on the dance floor over here just letting loose!" The DJ announced over the microphone.

Everyone let out a cheer and the lights danced around us.

"I'm going to hand out some prizes soon to the best dancers and if you want any chance of winning any, you gotta dance like these lovely gals!" The DJ said before switching up the tracks.

I could feel the muscles in my body burning from all of the movement but i didn't care. i didn't want to stop. This was going to be my night.

****Author's Note****

I updated!! Hope you like it <3 Now the surprise is that sometimes i will do little competitions for you guys and the winner will get to be featured in a chapter or two :D just read and comment on my mumbles for chances to win! i will randomly pick a winner but i will check to see if that winner is dedicated to this story, in my eyes being dedicated to this story means always commenting (on here and on my mumbles), sharing this story with everyone, becoming a fan of me and anything else you can do to get this story more views!!  :) I will start the competitions once i reach 60 fans and once i get comments on my mumbles :3
P.S. For Cerys: I promised i would put you in my story and here you go <3 hope you like it ;) 
I love you guys xx 

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