Black Heart

Ellie's life is great. She has great friends, family and nothing seems to go wrong on her life until the day she meets Louis. Ellie thought things couldnt get any worse, but then she met Louis's four friends and now everything is complicated and she cant make up her mind.


12. Chapter 12


The next morning i woke up and felt so happy for no reason at all. I decided that i was going to stay happy for the whole day and so i quickly got dressed into one of my favourite outfits and walked into the kitchen to make myself some chocolate chip pancakes.

(Ellie's outfit -->  <-- Check it out!)

While i was cooking my fifth pancake, John walked in.

"Morning Ellie, what are you up to?" He said as he turned on the espresso machine. 

I smile at him and flip my pancake over so that the other side could cook.

"Oh nothing much, just making some breakfast" I reply.

"Well by the looks of it, you must be starving!" John said with a laugh as he eyed my stack of pancakes. 

"Would you like some?" I ask him, gesturing towards the now huge stack of pancakes. "I can't eat them all by myself!"

"They look too good to refuse, so, yes please" John replies as he grabs a plate and some cutlery.

I scoop up a couple of the pancakes using a spatula and plop them down onto John's plate. I then walk over to the cupboard and grab the Maple Syrup, Icing Sugar and then i got some Strawberries from the fridge. I put the items down in front of John on the dining room table and went back to cooking the rest of the pancakes. I flipped my last pancake over and then put it onto the stack of pancakes to my right. I chucked the pan and spatula into the dishwasher and went to join John at the dining room table.

"These are amazing, Ellie! You have a real talent for making pancakes" John said with a mouthful of pancakes. 

I just laughed at him, his cheeks were all puffed out from the amount of pancakes he was shoving into his mouth. I drowned my pancakes in Maple Syrup and Icing Sugar and chopped up the strawberries that were left over and chucked them in top of the leaning stack of pancakes. I cut a huge chunk out of the pancakes and shoved it into my mouth. 

"Mmmm!" I exclaimed. 

While i was stuffing my face with my delicious pancakes, my mum walked in and made herself a coffee.

"Are they good?" She asked me, noting the expressions on my face.

"They're like angels dancing on my tongue!" I exclaim to her with enthusiasm. "Oh by the way mum, could you give Doris, Jazz and I a lift to school this morning?"

Mum took a huge sip of her coffee and nodded.

"Sure, what time do we need to leave?" She asked as she finished off the rest of her coffee. 

"Well the girls will be here any second now, so like, now?" I said sheepishly.

"Sure, Sure" My mum replied as she went back to the bathroom to finish off getting ready.

I slipped in my shoes and quickly went to my room to grab my bag. I slipped my bag onto my shoulders and went into the front room to wait for Jazz and Doris to arrive.

**Knock Knock**

I jumped up from the couch and quickly went to open the door. I smiled at my two friends standing before me.

"Well, aren't you going to let us in?" Jazz said cheekily.

"Oh! Yes, sorry!" I said quickly, standing back form the door to let them in.

"Hey!" Doris said to me as she walked inside.

"Hello" I replied to her with a huge smile.

Jazz walked in behind Doris and gave me a huge hug.

"Oh my god,i am so excited for this weekend! I have waited weeks for this! It's going to be so much fun, all of us girls together" Jazz squealed, jumping up and down.

"Um, what are you on about?" I asked her suspiciously.

"You haven't forgotten already have you?!" Jazz pouted.

"Err, maybe? Just remind me again, please?" I shamefully said to her.

Jazz sighed and walked further down the hall to where Doris was.

"This weekend is Alanna's party? The one Connor got us invited to, you promised to go, remember?" Jazz said, looking at Doris trying to get her to join in.

"Yeah! We were all going to go together" Doris chimed in.

"Oh, yeah. I suppose so" I said uninterested. 

"You ready to go then girls?" My mum asked us as she walked into the kitchen.

"Yeah sure!" Doris replied.


"Look, i don't care how many times you ask me! I've decided not to go and thats final!" I say firmly to Jazz as we walk to lunch together.

"Aw please?! You promised us though" Jazz pouted while shaking my arm.

This was one of the things i hated but loved about Jazz; She's so stubborn. It could be a good thing sometimes, but right now it was a bad thing. I knew that in the end she would somehow make me go but this time i wasn't going to let her push me around. I was going to take control.

"Look, i'm sorry Jazz but i am not going to this party" I say to her, making sure she knew that this time she couldnt push me around. 

Jazz didn't reply, i knew she knew that this time i wasn't going to give into her. Finally Jazz broke the awkward silence that hung between us.

"Oh come on then, we better get to lunch before someone steals our table!" She giggles as she drags me quickly down the hallway. 

"Hey guys!" Niall says as we approach our friends sitting down at our usual lunch table.

"Hey Niall, any room for us?" Jazz grins as we stand awkwardly waiting for someone to move so that we could sit down.

Everyone looked at each other and shifted around. Jazz sat down next to Niall and I slid in next to Zayn. I smiled at him and started to unwrap my chicken salad sandwich.

"Is that good?" Zayn asked me, eyeing my sandwich.

"Yeah, you want some?" I say pushing my sandwich towards him.

"Are you sure?" He said as he started to pick up the sandwich.

I nodded.

"Yeah, don't worry about it. I had a huge breakfast anyway" I smile, wiping my hands on the tissue I found in my pocket.

Zayn nodded and started to eat the sandwich. It wasn't long before he'd finished it completely, Zayn wiped his hands on his jeans and grinned at me.

"That was a really good sandwich, Ellie" He winked as he nudged me with his elbow.

I grinned back at him and playfully punched his arm. I glanced over the table and saw Louis staring at us. I smiled at Louis but he quickly looked away realizing I had caught him staring.

"So are you guys looking forward to Alanna's party this weekend?" Liam asked.

"Yes! It's going to be so much fun, but, it would be even more fun if Ellie would come" Jazz said with a little pout.

"What? What do you mean she's not coming?! Why are you not coming, Ellie?" Louis said with a frown. "You promised me you'd be there, remember?"

I didn't reply. I didn't want to make huge deal out of something so simple.

"Ellie, please. You HAVE to come. It won't be a party without you!" Zayn said to me as he wrapped his strong arms around me.

I started to blush, I hated it when people put me in the centre of attention.

"Please, baby?" Zayn whispered in my ear.

I nudged his head away from my ear and released myself from his grip after seeing the look on Louis's face. I knew that I didn't have feelings for Louis but the way he looked at me and Zayn made me feel like I was the parent who just had to tell their kid that Santa doesn't exist. I slid away from Zayn and looked down at my lap.

"Well I might go.. But, I have absolutely nothing to wear!" I say.

Doris and Jazz both wrapped their arms around me.

"Aw! Don't you worry! We'll all go shopping together and we'll find you something hot to wear" Doris says to me with a wink.

Jazz nods in agreement.

"You are definitely going to be the hottest girl there!" She says excitedly.

"Guys, come on, get serious. I definitely will not look hot! Have you seen the amount of girls in Alanna's year that are way better looking than me?!" I say to them with a little wine.

Why couldn't they just leave me alone? Now everyone will expect me to look amazing! 

"Are you kidding me? You are way better looking than the girls in out year!" Zayn says. "Plus your personality is so much more better than theirs" 

Zayn looks at me and gives me the sweetest smile ever. I just melt inside, his gorgeous eyes bearing down into mine. I quickly look away from him and turn back to Jazz and Doris.

"Well what are you guys wearing then?" I ask.

"Oh don't you worry about us! We've had our outfits planned for a few days now" Jazz replies.

I smile at her and sit back in my chair. Gosh, this was going to be a long day.


As i was walking down the hallway to my next class, someone grabbed my arm from behind. I spun around ready to tell them to watch what their doing but then i saw Louis standing in front of my, with his hand still on my arm. I stood there not saying anything, just waiting for him to let go of me.

"Oh! Sorry" Louis said, quickly drawing back his hand.

"It's alright" I said, not fully looking at him.

We both stood there in awkward silence. I fiddled with my fingers and Louis adjusted the straps on his bag.

"So, umm, i just wanted to say that i'm really glad you coming this weekend" Louis said quietly.

"Oh, yeah well, you know. Jazz and Doris are forcing me to go so i have no choice" I reply.

"Oh" Louis says.

"Yeah, but i don't really mind. I'll probably just sit outside and play games on my phone or something" I say quickly, trying to explain to him that im only going to make them happy.

Louis nodded.

"Well i might come and sit with you then. I don't quite fancy going to the party either" He says with a little smile.

"Oh? Why not? I thought you and Alanna were close" I said.

Louis blushed.

"Well, i wouldn't say that we're close. We only went out for a few months, nothing too serious" He said quickly.

"The way she talks about you, it sounds like it was something a little more than that!" I say jokingly.

Louis clears his throat and stands up taller.

"Yeah, well, it wasn't" He says firmly.

I take a slight step back. I was kind of puzzled by his sudden change of mood. I think maybe it would be best if i didn't bring up Alanna again. 

"So, anyway i should go. I don't want to be late, I'll see you later" Louis says.

I smile at him and walk away. I arrive at my classroom a few minutes late and quickly hurry to my seat.

"Nice of you to join us, Miss Parkerson" Mr Jones said.

"Sorry Sir" I said quickly.

When i got home later that day, i saw a car sitting in our driveway. I frowned. I'd never seen that car before. 

****Author's Note****

Okay guys, I'm not going to update again until i reach 40 fans! So if you haven't already become a fan, please do so that i can update again. Once i reach 40 fans i will be doing something really cool that i think you guys will like :D I will explain everything when i update again but only if i reach 40 fans <3 And keep up the comments too! The more i get, the more i update faster ;) 

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