Black Heart

Ellie's life is great. She has great friends, family and nothing seems to go wrong on her life until the day she meets Louis. Ellie thought things couldnt get any worse, but then she met Louis's four friends and now everything is complicated and she cant make up her mind.


11. Chapter 11


As soon as i got home, i ran into my mum's office and squealed.

"Mum! Guess what?!" I say excitedly, jumping up and down.

"Ummm, Ed Sheeran is come to Hammersly?" My mum guessed sheepishly.

I rolled my eyes at her.

"I wish, but no, i won a chance to be in the school's new competition thingy!" I say with a huge grin.

"Aw that's great darling!" My mum says with a smile. "This calls for celebratory brownies!"

I love it when my mum makes her brownies because she uses a secret ingredient that makes them taste amazing! I always ask her to teach me but she just laughs and says "The time will come". 

After i finished my homework, i wandered out into the kitchen and saw Niall sitting at the kitchen counter eating brownies with my own mother. I sort of froze before cautiously moving forward; out of the doorway.

"Hi" Niall says with a mouthful of brownies.

"Hello" I replied slowly. "Why are you here?"

"To eat these delicious brownies!" Niall says.

"Really?" I said. "Is that all?"

"Nah, i actually came to see if you wanted to hang out today? I need someone to help me pack for this competition thing, im hopeless at deciding on what i should bring" Niall asks.

I stuff a brownie into my mouth and wipe my hands on my jeans.

"Sure, just let me grab my shoes" I reply in between chewing the brownie. 

I walk off down the hall leaving Niall to walk to the front door, i grab my ankle boots and stuff them on my feet. 

"You ready?" I ask as i approach Niall who was waiting at the front door.

"Sure am, let's go!" He replies.


"Well what about this?" Niall asks, holding up a faded light blue T-Shirt.

"Mmm, yeah, it's a possibility.." I reply scrunching up my face. "But i think this one will suit you better"

I pick up the nice faded green T-Shirt form the rack next to me and show Niall.

"Yeah, you are really good at this. I definitely like this one!" Niall says with a grin. "And now for jeans!"

We pay for the few T-Shirts we actually decided on and moved onto the jeans section.

"I like these" Niall says as he picks up a pair of black skinny jeans.

"Yeah, they're nice. Plus if you get those you get two other pairs for half price!" I say while examining the jeans. 

Niall chose to buy the black skinny jeans and he also bought a burgundy and brown colour too.

"Well that was a very successful shopping trip!" Niall says excitedly. "Now i just need you to come back to mine and help me pack if thats ok?" 

I nodded.

"Yeah thats fine" I say.


"I'll just go and grab my bag that i'm packing my stuff in, wait here" Niall says as he rushed out of his room to fetch the bag.

I wander over to his bed and sit down quietly. I look around his room and my eyes fall onto his desk, there is a picture of us on there. I walk over to the picture and pick it up. It was a picture of us on the first day we ever hung out, the day we played video games together. I looked at how happy we were, all smiles and no frowns. You could tell how happy we were on that day by the way we looked at each other. I smiled at that memory and put the picture back down just as Niall returned with his large duffel bag.

"Sorry i took so long, had to feed the dog" He grinned as he chucked the bag onto his bed. "Shall we get started?"

I took the T-Shirts out of the plastic bag and started to take the tags off of them. Once i had done that i folded them and placed them neatly in the bag. I look over at Niall to check on how he was doing with packing the jeans and i find that he is looking at me with a little smile.

"What?" I say to him.

Niall shakes his head and laughs.

"Dont worry" He smiles. "It's nothing bad, it's just i've never seen someone pack with that much care before!"

I start to blush and quickly pack the last of the T-Shirts away.

"I just like things to be perfect" I say quietly, avoiding his eye contact.

"I'm sorry, i didn't mean to embarrass you" Niall says, suddenly all serious.

"No, no. It's ok" I say with a smile, trying to cheer him up again.

"Good, now excuse me while i go and make us a hot chocolate" Niall says and walks out the door leaving me to finish packing for him.

I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket so i reach into the pocket and pull it out, i unlock it and look at the message i received. 

'Movie tonight? My place. 9:00pm. Louis x'

I smile at how sure he is of himself and type back a quick reply just as Niall walks in with our hot chocolates.

"Everything ok?" Niall asks while trying to balance the piping hot drinks on a tray.

"Yeah, all good, just my mum telling me i need to be home before 8" I lied through a smile.

"Oh ok, well we'll just finish up here and then your free" Niall says as he hands me a mug.

"Mmm, thank you, this tastes amazing!" I say to Niall as i take quick sips from the boiling liquid.

"Haha, thanks. It's a family recipe"Niall says to me.

"You made it yourself?!" I ask impressed.

"Well sort of, i used Irish chocolate and warm milk with a secret ingredient to make it" Niall beams, clearly please that i was impressed. 

"Wow, no wonder its amazing" I say as i try to gulp down the remainders of my drink.

I carefully place the drink back down on the tray and pack the rest of Niall's clothes away.

"So are you looking forward to the competition?" Niall asks

Yeah i am! are you?" I reply

"I sure am! When do we leave?"

"i think we go on Monday, i think we go the gym and then we get transported to the house by a limo!"

"Aw, this is going to be so much fun" Niall says. "We're going to be room mates!"

"Yeah" i giggle. "I honestly cant wait"


After Niall dropped me home, i quickly ran to my room to get ready for the movie at Louis's house. I decided to go with a cute outfit that i found very comfortable, it has to be comfy because we're watching a movie. 

(Ellie's outfit --> <-- Check it out!)

I grabbed my keys and walked out of the door when i realised i had no idea where Louis lived. I take my phone out of my pocket and click on Louis's contact profile so that i could call him to tell him i have no idea where he lives. I scroll down the screen to get to the call button when i see an address in the address bar. I smile at this and realise Louis must of put it into my phone at some stage. I type the address into my maps and start to walk in the direction it told me to. It didnt take to long before i reached a two storey house with a little white gate surrounding it. Along the gate, little purple and pink flowers grew up along the posts giving it an innocent look. I open the little gate and walk down the path leading to the front door. I look at the garden surrounding me and see toys everywhere, there was even a trampoline in the corner! I knock on the white wooden door and a little girl opens it.

"Hello!" Says the little girl.

"Hi, is Louis home?" I ask, bending down to look her in the eyes.

The little girl nods and runs off shouting Louis's name. I step inside the adorable house and shut the door behind me. I wonder down the hall and ind myself in the living room. 

"Oh hi!" An older lady says to me, jumping up off of the couch. "I'm so sorry, i didn't hear you knock"

I smile at her, she looked tired and worn out.

"That's ok" I say sweetly.

"You must be Ellie, am i right? I'm Johannah, but you can call me Jo" She smiled at me, and gestured for me to sit down. "You know, Louis talks about you so much. You must mean so much to him, your all he talks about! Your a real good influence on him, ever since he met you he's been so much more happier and purer"

I was so shocked by her words, no had ever done that to me before. 

"Oh..Wow..." I say quietly.

I wanted to say so much more but they were the only words i could manage to say. Jo laughs and pats my knee.

"Don't you worry darling, you don't have to say anything" She says as if she somehow understood.

Luckily, the little girl who answered the door came running into the lounge followed by Louis. His hair was wet and so i guessed that he was in the shower when i knocked. I smiled at him and he gestured for me to follow him.

"You two have fun!" Jo calls after us. 

Louis leads me down the hall and into the last room on the right. It was a medium sized room with light blue walls, i huge queen sized bed on one side of the room and a flat screen TV on the wall on the other side. 

"Wow" I say, looking around in amazement. "your room is amazing!"

Louis walks over to his bed and sets up the blankets and pillows.

"Haha, thanks i guess" He replies to my statement.

I wonder over to a shelf that was stood next to his huge bed.

"So we're watching a movie are we?" I ask him.

"Yep, choose one from the top shelf on that cupboard your standing next to" Louis replies pointing to the top shelf.

I stand in my tip-toes and peer at the movies.

"Umm, can i ask why you have pretty much all of the barbie movies?" I say trying to hide my giggles.

"Dont worry, they aren't mine! They're my little sister's movies" Louis protests to my discovery.

"Oh, sure sure" I say with a wink.

After a few minutes of looking at the movies i finally decide that we should watch The Impossible. I pass the DVD to Louis and he puts it into the TV while i make myself comfortable on the bed. The movie starts to play and Louis turns off the light and joins me on the bed. About halfway through the movie i started to cry, it was such a sad movie. I snuggled right into Louis and he put his arm around me while rubbing my arm trying to comfort me. I couldn't tell if he was moved by the movie because it was too dark but either way, i was glad he was here with me. When the movie finished, we didn't move at all. We just stayed in the same position. I moved my head so that i was looking up at Louis.

"This was really fun" I say to him. "We should do it again sometime?" 

Louis smiled down at me and nodded.

"Yeah definitely!" Louis said happily.

I smiled and released myself from his grip, i got up from the bed and put my shoes back on.

"I should go now, it's late" I say as stand up and make my way to the bedroom door.

"Wait, do you want a lift then?" Louis quickly asks me before i walk out of the door.

I turn back around to face him and find him putting his shoes on.

"Yeah, ok" I reply.

Louis passes me his car keys.

"Here, go wait in the car. I'll be one minute, just got to use the toilet" Louis winks and hobbles off the the bathroom.

I laugh at his childish nature and walk down the hall once again.

"It was lovely to meet you Jo!" I call out to the woman sitting in the lounge.

"It was nice meeting you too!" She calls back.

I open the front door and walk out towards Louis car and get in. Louis came out of the front door a few minutes later and got into the drivers seat. I handed him his keys and he started up the engine. The car ride home was really quiet but neither of us bothered to say anything, we were very tired. Soon enough Louis pulled up at my house and i got out.

"Thanks for tonight, it was really fun" I say with a smile.

"Anytime, Ellie" Louis replies. 

I wave goodbye and walk up to my front door, behind me i can hear Louis car drive off. I walk into the house and quickly walk to my room before anyone realises im home. Once i am safely in my room i take a hot shower and rinse my body with my favourite kiwi body wash to help myself relax. I turned off the shower and stepped out into the steamy bathroom. I wrap a towel around me and quickly blow dry my hair. I walk over to my drawers and pick out my favourite pyjamas to wear. 

(Ellie's pyjamas --> <-- Check it out!) 

As i lay wide awake in bed i start to wonder, maybe i do like Louis a little bit after all?I think hard for a few minutes before sighing. No, as much as i want to, i just don't like Louis in that way. 


****Author's Note****

Sorry for the wait guys! 1 more until 100 favourites! So please favourite and get us to 100! :D Who do you guys think Ellie should be with? And please have a read of my newest Movella '50 Shades of Hope' which i am writing with my best friend and tell us what you think! Also, to view the outfits that Ellie is wearing you need to copy the link i provide and then in a separate tab, paste the link into the address bar and press enter to have a look at what she wears :3 If you guys have any suggestions on what you think she should wear then please comment them <3 

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