Shut Up.

Niall has been secretly seeing somone,but not by person but by the Internet.Online relationships never last,who knows what could happen to this one.


1. Wake up call

"I should shut up." "You really should,consider this a break from each other." "Babe.." "Think twice before you do something Niall,bye."
I had put down my phone,while hanging my head low in stress.Things haven't been going well,It's all my fault."I caused this"I said under my breath.I draped my hoodie over my head and slouched down on my bed.Little drops of tears came running down the sides of my face,sliding off my cheek.
I started to think of how this all happened,the beginning when I first met her.

It was just a year ago when I had sneaked out of the hotel to a Mosh Pitt.
That's then when I met her,Her eyes a bright blue and hair long enough to kiss the end of her neck with yet a dark black.
I chuckled to the thought of her as I silently cried.
"Were a secret,she's my secret and I'm hers.We have to keep it that way."I sighed and looked up at my ceiling.
"I love you Sammy."
I wiped off my tears as I heard some feet running up the stairs.I pushed my headphones in my ear and played S
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