A summer getaway gone wrong...


1. A Bittersweet Ending


A silent late afternoon by a beach so pristine with waves slowly touching the white sand where her bare feet stood. Her arms freely stretched up in the air. She mildly closed her eyes as she breathed in the sweet breeze that also kissed her cheeks. That moment she thought:                               “What a beautiful and solemn tropical place!”   But far beneath the green bushes, a soul filled with hatred was silently looking at her… Watching her every move, waiting for a chance to make it’s plan transpire.   As she slowly opened her eyes and exhaled                                                             _____a loud sound echoed into the air!   Her arms stiffened, knees weakened, mouth opened and her body slowly drops to the white sand now stained with red blood. She’s gasping for air. Staring at the sun now setting, she doesn’t want to but her eyes are closing now…                                                             … and a tear rolled down her cheek.
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