The Dream Of A Lifetime

Holly is excited about meeting one direction. She finds Louis to be charming, funny,and handsome. She starts to fall for him, but what will happen next?


3. The Night With Louis

I went into my hotel bathroom and stripped and took a quick shower. I then got out, wrapped myself in a towel, and my hair in a towel too. Then I went to the closet and decided on a purple sweater dress with brown leggings, and tan boots. I sat down at the mirror, took my hair down and started combing my golden brown locks. My hair was halfway dry so I left it like that. I put on my eyelids gold shimmery eyeshadow and a light pink lipgloss. I was ready.

Louis POV

I got the table set for a late dinner for us and I hoped she hadn't ate already. I made a Caesar Salad with Chicken Breast for dinner, and Apple Pastry for desert. Then I went into the bathroom to take a quick shower.. After I dried my hair and put it in its usual style. I went for a brown sweater, with white slacks, and my white shoes. I was happy and very excited for our dinner and time together. Now all I have to do is wait.

Hollys POV

I was walking down the hall towards Louis room. There it is. I knocked on his door and waited for his answer. "Holly!" , Louis said with a big bright smile on his face. I was smiling myself. "Come in please." He said. I walked into his hotel room and he escorted me to the couch and said, "Sit Down Please." I did and smiled back at him. Louis asked me if I have had supper yet and I said, "No I have not." He beamed with happyness and headed for the kitchen. He came back and escorted me to a little table set for two and asked me to sit down. I sat and admired the candles and roses in a vase, and was really excited about out evening together. He came back from the kitchen and sat in front of me a Caesar Salad with strips of grilled chicken on top. "Oops I forgot the carrots!", said Louis. "Do you like carrots?", he asked.
"Yes! I love carrots!", I said with a big smile.
"Yay.", Louis said like a little boy. He returned with a bowlful of raw carrots. I grabbed a few and put them in my salad. I ate all of my salad and Lou did too. He got up and took my stuff into the kitchen and brought back desert. Milk with Apple pastry. Yum I said. Louis replyed, " I'm glad you like it Holly." I finished my desert and asked him, " Lou why did you do all of this for me?"
He replied,"Holly I'm doing this because when I saw you in the elevator I knew you where the one for me."
I replied while crying happy tears, "L-Louis you didn't have to do this."
"Holly I'm doing this because I love YOU.",Louis says. I smile and say, "Lou I love you too."

Louis POV

I give Holly a big hug. She Loves me too! I was bursting with joy. We were still hugging and we were on the couch. Holly... Look at me. She does... I lean forward and kiss her softly on her pink lips. She smiles and I smile too.
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