The Dream Of A Lifetime

Holly is excited about meeting one direction. She finds Louis to be charming, funny,and handsome. She starts to fall for him, but what will happen next?


4. New Boyfriend

Louis POV

I'm so happy. "Lou?", Holly asked.
"What Holly?" I say
"Nothing I just Love You.", she said.
I smile at her, and she smiles back. "Can I ask you something?",I say.
"What is it Boo?", she says with a big smile.
"I know we just met, but I love you with my whole heart and Will you be my Girlfriend?" I say.
"Yes,yes,yes! A million times yes Lou!" She replys.
I hug her in a big embrace while smiling. Then she looks at me with those blue eyes and we kiss passionlty while cuddling on the couch. We break up breathing hard and smiling. I give her a simple necklace with a heart on it. She hugs me and says she loves it. We kiss softly one more time, and she says she has to go back to her room for the night. "I'll miss you.", I say.
"I'll miss you too Lou." She says. We embrace one last time and she leaves my hotel room for her own.

Hollys POV

Is this a dream? I pinched myself and No isn't a dream... I was so happy. I'm Louis Tomlinson's Girlfriend! I was back in my hotel room all by myself... Then I realized I didn't have Louis phone number! Oh Well... I decided I would go back up there and ask nicely for it.
I knocked on his door and waited for his answer. He said,"Come in!" And I went inside the hotel room. He was sitting on the couch watching "Skyfall 007" He said," Holly are you ok?"
"Yes I'm fine." I replied. I just have something to ask you...,and I'm sorry if I bothered you.. "No your not, What is it?" He said.
"Is it ok if we have each others numbers?" I say.
"I forgot too! And yes here's mine." He gave it to me.
"Here's mine." I reply. I love you Loui. I love you to Holly. See you tomorrow!
"Maybe I'll give you a tour tomorrow of London.." Loui Says.
"Ok!" I reply. I gave him a hug and left for my room. Just as I walked into my hotel room I received a text: From: Louis :) - See you in the morning. Lov You
To: Louis :) - see ya. Lov you Too Boo Bear!
I strip and put my nighties on: A light pink tee, and white shorts with a pink trim. I get in the bed and pull the covers up over my head. I wonder when I'll see him in the morning?.....
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