The Dream Of A Lifetime

Holly is excited about meeting one direction. She finds Louis to be charming, funny,and handsome. She starts to fall for him, but what will happen next?


8. Meeting the Gang

We walked into the studio hand in hand. Lou leaned over and whispered in my ear," I love you."
"I love you too.", I replied. Lou opened the door for me and we were greeted by Lou's band mates and Little Mix. I smiled shyly and said, " Hello."
A boy with curly locks said, " Now who's this Louis?"
"Yea!", said everyone else.
"Holly, my new girlfriend." Lou said. "Oh Holly this is Harry, Lou pointed to the green eyed and brown curly haired one."
"Hi.", Said Harry in a cute accent.
Lou continued," And Liam and his girlfriend Danielle, he pointed to."
"Hi. "I said.
"Hey Holly.", They replied in unison.
"Zayn and Perrie.", Lou pointed to a guy with dark hair and a girl with blond/pink hair.
"Hey.", said Zayn. Perrie also said hi too.
I replied with a cheerful," Hello Zayn and Perrie!"
"Next is Niall.", Lou pointed to a guy with dirty blonde hair. "Hi!", Niall said. I was about to reply when Niall ran over to me and gave me a bear hug. I was shocked and looked at Louis for an explanation. "And Niall is very enthustiactic.", Lou whispered.
Niall said," I heard that!! Oh and I also love food..." I laughed. Then they all came over and gave me a group hug. We all smiled and Perrie and Danielle whispered in my ear,"We're going to be great buds."
I interrupted and asked," Where is the rest of Little Mix?"
Perrie replied and said that they couldn't come. "Oh.", was all I said. Niall said," What about LUNCH!" We all giggled and said Ok. We were going to Nandos. We all said,"see you later!" And left for Nandos...

Before me and Louis left he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the couch in the recording studio.
He pulled me down and we snuggled. Lou put his hands on my neck and pulled me closer,and whispered in my ear," I love you, Holly."
"I love you too.", I replied back. We were inches away now and Lou leaned in for a kiss. We kissed for a couple seconds, and broke away. "Time to go to Nandos." ,Lou said. So we walked out of the studio hand in hand, and headed for Nandos.

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