The Dream Of A Lifetime

Holly is excited about meeting one direction. She finds Louis to be charming, funny,and handsome. She starts to fall for him, but what will happen next?


1. In London

"I'm Finally here!", I exclaim. I was in London, England for One Directions concert. I was hoping to get to meet them. I sighed, but they are busy young men.
As I was getting my luggage together, I was on my iPhone to find out where my hotel was.
I stepped outside and got a bus to take me to my hotel. The bus was a double decker,and bright red. Thank you I said to the bus driver, and I paid my share. When we got to my hotel I saw tons of paparazzi around. I asked the closest person, "What's going on here?"
"Don't you know?", the girl says.
"No, sorry I don't", I reply.
"One Direction is staying at this hotel untill they go to America!", she replys.
I get lost in the crowd again as I go towards the door to the hotel. I go to the desk and tell the receptionist my information, and pay for my stay. She says," Your room is on the 4th floor number 203." She gave me my key and I was off to my hotel room.
As I was going to my room I was so excited! One Direction is at this hotel! I might get to meet them now I thought...
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