The Dream Of A Lifetime

Holly is excited about meeting one direction. She finds Louis to be charming, funny,and handsome. She starts to fall for him, but what will happen next?


7. Going to the studio

"Let's go Holly!"Lou said from the living room. While Lou was gone I got dressed in a purple sweater dress, with light pink leggings. My shoes are black high healed ankle boots, and my makeup light pink lipgloss with bronze eyeshadow. I was so excited about today. We are going to meet the boys, and the little mix girls. Lou came into the kitchen and grabbed me by the hand and said,"Holly let's go! We're going to be late!" He gave me a hug and I replied,
"Oh sorry Lou, just lost in my thoughts.." We locked my hotel room and Lou led me out of the hotel hand in hand." As soon as we got out of the hotel we were swarmed by paparazzi. They were all asking questions about us. Lou and I didn't answer anything. Quickly we ran to the car and got in.
As we were on our way, Lou and I were quiet but our hands were intwined on my lap. We got there quickly and Lou asked me,"Are you ready to meet the guys?"
"Yes." I said. And we walked in hand in hand. And I was so excited to meet the rest of the guys.
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