My Lover is a Ghost

Its about a girl and well I cant really explain it so just read it to find out

Here are some details. Louis Tomlinson and his best mates Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam were just hanging out with Louis' girlfriend on Valentines Day then the impossible happened. Just to be clear they're not that famous yet


2. Go-go-ghost!

Eleanor's POV
My douchebag ex boyfriend Tom Robinson came this Valentines day can he just go away. Once I had the guts to throw him out of my house I did. Why cant people understand I just want to be alone. I looked out the window I saw him get in his car and leave. Finally just some peace.

*few hours later*

I turned on the TV. I switch the channel to watch the news. One news caught my attention, it was about my ex. It said that he ran over a guys car; he's name is Louis- Louis Tomlinson I think. Poor guy. It also said that Tom is dead while Louis is still in the hospital fighting fir his life I really hope he'll make it. Im to tired to even think I better go to sleep.

I woke up at around 7:30 in the morning. I looked around and remembered what Tom did to that poor guy. I hope he's still alive. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen for a morning glass of water. I drank it up and put it on the sink. I looked on to my side I saw Louis Tomlinson. I fell on the floor

Louis' POV
All I remember is that I blacked out when someone hit me while I was in my car getting hannah a present, the guy who hit me was Tom Robinson. and now I see a girl fainting because of me. She has brown wavy hair, blue eyes, fair skin, kinda tall and she's kinda pretty. I roamed around her house for a while; while I was waiting for her to wake up. I realized every time I tried to grab something I couldn't and shouldn't I be in a hospital. This is impossible but am I a ghost. I went back to the kitchen I saw her getting up.

"You can see me" I said
She just nodded. Im really scaring the life out of her
"Before I saw anything else Im Louis Tomlinson and your?" I asked
"El-Eleanor Ca-Ca-Calder" She sputtered
There was a awkward silence when he said
"Wh-Why are you hau-haunting me?" She asked, she looked quiet pale now
"I dont know are you related to Tom Robinson somehow?" I asked
"He's my ex boyfriend" she said
"Well I guess you're going to help me give decent farewells for my friends" I said
"O-okay how can I do that?"
"I dont know" I stated
She gave me a gentle smile. I dont know why this happened to me what did I do wrong?
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