Mission 22 Protect One Direction (One Direction Love Story)

Jade, Summer, Hanna, Taylor and Aqua seem like your normal teenage girls. well they aren't. They are very powerful witches. I mean very powerful. If you get one mad there is no way you can stop them. Jade has the power of all aka the leader. Summer has the power of water, Hannah has the power of Air, Taylor has the power of Fire and Aqua has the power or Earth. The girls get a mission to protect 5 famous boys from anything evil the world can through at them. When all of them fall in love. It's going to harder than they thought. But can they do it? Read more and find out.

*Note may have some swearing and sex scenes*


1. Chapter 1- Our Mission

The girls and I were waiting for the phone to call. We are on our 22 mission. We needed to find out what we were doing. Oh yeah I am so stupid hey I am Jade Hailey Winters. I am 18 years old. I have four best friends. They mean the world to me. I may look like a normal girl but I'm not. I am a very powerful witch along with my four best friends. I have long brown hair and purple eyes. I have mum Amelia my dad is in America he left when I was 5. I have an older sister and brother their names are Julie and Jack. I love the colour pink. My power is all of what the girls have. Since I am leader. But my powers are stronger. I like singing, One Direction, dancing, fighting, reading and writing and I hate mean people, haters, sluts, bitches and evil creatures which we kill. That is it from me. 

Once the phone rang. I answered it and put it on loud speaker

"You girls there" Mark said.

"Yes" We said.

"You last mission is you have to protect the One Direction boys" Mark said.

We screamed as loud as we could. OMG OMFG OMG. 

"Girls calm down" Mark said.

"Sorry" I said.

"You are leaving for London tomorrow" Mark said.

"Okay we will meet you at the airport then" I said.

"Yes" Mark said.

We hung up. We fangirled again. 




The next day we were at the airport. Mark walked into the airport. He gave us the tickets.

"Now you will be in London for a while... I will check in on your girls every hour... Now the boys think you are the new back up dancers alright so do not look like you are trying to find something... Act normal and call me when you land" Mark said.

We nodded.

"Plane 67 for London now boarding" A lady said.

We walked up to the desk and gave the lady our things. We walked to our gate and got into the plane. It was me, Summer and Taylor then behind us was Hanna and Aqua. They sat next to an old man. He kept snoring.




When we arrived in London. A guy walked up.

"The new dancers?" The guy asked.

We nodded.

"I am Paul One Direction's body guard... The boys are wanting to meet you" Paul said.

We nodded and grabbed everything we had. Paul helped us place our suitcases into the boot of the black van. We got in. Paul started the van and drove off. He got to an arena. We stepped out. Paul walked in front of us. Screams. Which meant the boys were inside. We got behind the stage.

"Boys the dancers are here" Paul said.

The boys ran up falling over each other. We laughed.

"Boys this is Jade, Summer, Hanna, Taylor and Aqua your new back up dancers. Girls this is Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn but I am sure you already know that" Paul said.

"Hi" All of us said at the same time.

We got onto the stage and got taught the dance. Harry kept looking at me. I flipped at the end. Everyone clapped. We heard something.

"What was that?" Niall asked.

"A rat" Louis said.

Niall screamed like a girl and jumped into Liam's arms (Scobby-Doo). We giggled a little. There was a huge bang. All the boys screamed. People ran up to us. We flipped. Paul got the boys to run out. He followed afterwards.

When the boys left.

"Ready girls" I said.

The girls nodded. we transformed into witches. We aren't ugly ones we are cute ones. The people got scared. They went to run. We tripped them and smiled. After we bet them. We placed them into a glass and smiled. We transformed back. The boys ran back in confused.

"Ew the rat touched me" Aqua screamed.

"It's gone" I said.

The boys sighed. We got back to dancing.




A few days past it was the concert. We got on in 'Na Na Na.' Harry grabbed my hand. I smiled. We had to pretend to be there girlfriends in those songs. I was always with Harry. We got to 'What Makes You Beautiful.' We danced along. The girls picked me up. I nodded. They lifted me up. I back flipped and landed on my feet. The amount of screams the boys got for it. Was amazing. Harry's solo came up. He walked up to me.

I smiled. The fans screamed. Harry kissed my cheek. We went back to dancing.




After the concert. We were backstage.

"Jade you were awesome" Harry said.

"Thank you... So were you" I said.

"Haha" Harry said.

I am dying inside. Harry is talking to me.

"We should do that more often" Harry said.

"Maybe we will" I said.

Harry smiled. The girls pulled me away.

"Come on we have to get to our hotel Mark booked us" Aqua said.

"I know" I said.

The boys walked up.

"Can we please have your numbers?" The boys asked.

We put our number in each other their phones. They did the same to us.




We got to our hotel room. I had the master bedroom. The girls had a big room but wasn't master. I turned the TV on it was the news.

"Up next One Directioners new dancers are better than the old ones" The lady said.

After a while. It was One Direction and there concert.

"Tonight at the 1D concert the dancers did something dangerious but managed to pull it off" The lady said.

It showed the girls and me dancing. Then my flip.

"Wow that was really good. We got to interview some of the directioners and see what they have to say" The lady said.

"They were amazing haven't seen anything like it before... They should do it more often" A girl said.

"It was okay but not my liking they could have hurt themselves" A lady said.

Well no duh you are an old lady.

I went on twitter for a while I now have 2000 followers. WTF. All great comments.

@Taylor_Styles4evaWow Jade you can dance I am so glad we got to see you and your friends dancing tonight... You should dance for our school one time.

I replied: To @Taylor_Styles4eva thank you so much. I am glad you liked it. But we only learnt that 4 days before the concert I am glad we pulled it all @Jade_Winters_Styles.

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