My heart belongs to you (Liam fanfic) (For the Valentine's Day with 1D Competition) (COMPLETED)

It's valentine's day. The time of year Sasha looks forward to the most. But not this year. 2 weeks ago she had a fight with her boyfriend Liam, and had ended their relationship, but what happens when Liam begs her to take her back, will she put her stubborn pride behind her and let the boy she loves back in her life.


1. Valentine's Day

ERRRRGGGGGG!!!!! It's Valentine's Day AGAIN. I wish that this day hadn't come. I normally loved Valentine's Day. My boyfriend, Liam, would always spent the day with me, he knew I hated being showered with gifts. So he would just make dinner for us at his flat, or we'd have a movie marathon.

But that wouldn't be the case this year. The year I would be sitting home alone. As my parents went on their annual Valentine's Day Date, and my siblings went out with their dates.

I sighed as I walked to my locker. There was still pictures of Liam in my locker. It was my fault that we were over, but I regretted everything I said, and I couldn't bring myself to remove his pictures. I loved him and he still owned my heart. But I knew the moment I walked into class that day, that he didn't have those thoughts. Liam was hugging and showering some other girl in affection, it hadn't taken him long to move on.

I glared at him, and for a moment I swore that I saw guilt pass his features. But I flipped him off and walked to my sit.

(Liam's POV)

When Sasha walked into the classroom, I just wanted to walk over to her and wrap her in my arms. Kissing passionately and wishing her Happy Valentine's Day. But I couldn't do that, she hated me. She broke up with me, and I was left brokenhearted for Valentine's Day.

I admit that I was angry with her at first. But that anger soon faded into heartache. I wanted to apologize. I knew it was my fault. I had started the argument after all. I had told her that I was going to take her to the new Italian restaurant for Valentine's Day, I don't know why I had told her that, I knew she hated being showered with gifts. She told me she just wanted to spend the day with me, but I didn't listen. It resulted in a huge fight and ended with her telling me, that we weren't working out.

That night I tried calling her and texting her, but she wouldn't respond. She was slowly killing me, and I came up with the conclusion that the only way to get her back was by making her jealous.

I watched as she glared at me, the hate evident in her eyes and I felt guilty for putting it there. She probably thought I had found it easy to move on. But it was hard to find a girl who would agree to just act as my girlfriend.

I turned in my sit to my four friends Niall and Zayn were looking at her, sadness in their eyes as they gazed at the shell of the girl I had left behind. Harry was shaking his head at me. He had been against the idea of  making her jealous. Telling me that it would hurt her more than anything. Louis looked up at me, and passed me a piece of folded paper. I unfolded it and read it.

"You need to tell her your sorry, and how you really feel. before it's too late. She still loves you, but if your not careful she will move on, and you will be left still aching for her."

Louis was right. She was a pretty girl, and I knew that during our time together most of the guys had tried to ask her out. It made me jealous at the time, but she reassured me that there was nothing to be jealous about. I looked at her, I could see the silent tears that feel down her check, and I knew I wanted to remove them. I knew what I had to do.

(Sasha's POV)

As soon as the bell rang I was out of the classroom. I couldn't stand being near him. I walked slowly home and watched as my siblings got ready for their dates and left. My mum came up to me.

"Are you sure you're going to be alright tonight?" She asked concerned.

"I'll be fine go and have a good time, the pair of you." I told her as I hugged her, and then my dad.

"Alright sweetie. Lock the door behind us, there's money on the counter for Pizza, and don't stay up to late." My father told me as he left.

I sighed, shaking my head at how protective my parents still were, I did as I was told.

It had been an hour since my parents had left, when there was a knock at the door. I was a little confused. I'd only ordered the pizza 10 minutes ago, and they said it would be a 40 minute wait. 

I opened the door to find Liam standing in front of me. Two bags in hand. He looked nervous, and so was I, this had been the first time I had spoken to him since the fight.

"Hello Sas." He spoke. Breaking the awkward silence. I was shocked he had used my nickname.

"Hi Liam. Can I help you?" I asked, trying to remain strong.

"I was wondering if we could talk?" His voice was full of hope. But his eyes told a different story. Like all hope was lost.

"About what?"

"Us." That one word, froze me.

"There is no us Liam. I thought that, that was clear when I told you we weren't working out. Or when you started dating someone else."

"I wasn't dating her Sas. I was angry and hurt, and I wanted you back. I wanted us to be how we were. So I made the decision to make you jealous. She was just acting, she didn't even like me. I just wanted you to admit you still had feelings for me. I wanted you to tell me everything you said you didn't mean. Because everything I said I wished I could of taken back. I'm sorry that I caused you pain. Seeing you today in class, the look you gave me. Louis dragged me back to my senses, saying that if I didn't tell you the truth then I'd lose you for good. I'm sorry Sas. Please....."

I cut him off from his rant, with a kiss. He was frozen, but soon responded. It was passionate and full of lust, and I felt him smile. I pulled him into the house, and shut the door. Never pulling away from him. He dropped the bags, and his arms snaked around my waist as he pushed me to the door. My arms locked around his neck, as we pulled away from each other, panting hard.

Liam rested his head against mine. "......forgive me." Liam finished smiling.

"Of course I will, as long as you forgive me, as well?"

"With all my heart, and more." He responded.

We stayed like that until, a knock out the door, pulled us from our dream. I answered it and paid the pizza delivery guy. We then snuggled up, sharing the pizza and the dinner that Liam had bought. While watching the mountain of DVD's he had bought.


I looked at him.

"I love you, and happy Valentine's day."

"I love you too, Li. Happy Valentine's day, babe. This is been the best Valentine's day."

He leaned down, and I leaned up. Our lips meet, and I felt at peace.

That night I fell asleep in my Prince's arms.

Liam's POV

She forgave me, I felt at peace, and that night I fell asleep, with my Princess tucked in my arms, right where she and I belonged.

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