Ordinary girl

Emily and amber have been besties since head start and are big directioners they've finally got the money to get VIP tickets plus backstage but does Liam and Niall find the love of there life


7. Moving in and meeting the rest of them

Emily's pov: Now we are all packed up and ready to go i called down to them! Liam said that he wanted us to meet the rest of the band tomorrow! i was happy but then we got text from Liam and Niall that said will u be our Girlfriends Amber screamed and i died laughing and said yes! when we got there me and amber unpacked and got in our pj's and i slept with Liam and amber slept with Niall we woke up both in the boys arms. we got up dressed took a shower and woke to boys up with a little peck on the lips they popped up Liam looked happy to see it was me and Niall was just Hungry! they got ready when we went to eat breakfest we caugth up with the other boys but this might have been a bad idea!  

Lou's POV:  the blond one is so cute i cant stop thinking about her this isnt good i just broke up with Eleanor i cant have another girl and plus this is my mates girl i am talking about  i have to forget her!


Harry's POV: the brunette is so beautiful I thought! her blue eyes wavy hair! Wait Harry stop This is Liams girl just forget her! 

Zayn's POV : there both super cute but i'm there buds so i wont say anything ill just be like there big bro that will be cool

Ambers Pov: I knew that they liked us just by the way that they looked us it was wierd so i stayed clenched on to Niall it was weird he just kissed my cheek! our food finally arrived and me and Niall were eating when a pancake came flying at my face!! Niall!!    he was cracking up it was cute but i said u are gonna get pay back Mr.Horan they all laughed the i saw a carrot being handed to me by louis i said uh what is this for to make niall eat he smiled i tryed to make niall eat it it wasnt gonna work Harry,Liam,Zayn Emily, even Lou were laughing!



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