Ordinary girl

Emily and amber have been besties since head start and are big directioners they've finally got the money to get VIP tickets plus backstage but does Liam and Niall find the love of there life


10. Haters

Nialls Pov: all I could do is ask amber if she was ok she looked so sad because of all the haters on twitter calling her sluts and whores and a piece of crap .she said to me I'm sorry Niall. I'm causing the hate Im sorry it's all my fault she cryed into my chest and I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her forehead.its not u amber it's the idoits that said it on twitter @ Nialloffical screw the people hating on my girl why can't u just be happy I finally found my princess!!!! @amberHoran! Emily's Pov I: I woke up to amber sobbing and I ran down the stairs to find her sobbing into Nialls  chest he was comforting her Niall texted me From nialler: hey look on ambers twitter as I scrolled down the page it was hate mail tons of hate mail then I retweeted niallers post about it! Then I relized what about my page my page had been the same Liam was in the shower so all I did was lay down and cry into my pillow now knowing about all the hate then just then zayn tweets leave them alone my god be happy daddy direction Got a girl and nialler found his princess! On his page and then Harry did to then Lou did too it made me smile but I still cryed Liam came out and was already dressed and new what happened and just wraped me in his arms and I fell asleep I woke up with Liam's arms around me with zayn Harry Lou Niall and amber and Liam playing truth or dare then Liam said in my ear good morning beautiful I just looked u and kissed his cheek forgetting all about the haters

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