Ordinary girl

Emily and amber have been besties since head start and are big directioners they've finally got the money to get VIP tickets plus backstage but does Liam and Niall find the love of there life


14. Fight

Emily's POV: lela Denice amber Madison and i went on a shopping spree and I forgot to say that Lela and zayn dating Denice and Harry and Madison and Lou are dating! Denice had long blonde hair it was crimped in the cutest way madison lela all look the same exept hair color Lela's was brown and Madison's was beach blonde so yea they were all pretty. But anyway we were walking down the mall and someone grabed my shoulder and I span around and she punched me and in that case I kicked her ass she left crying but she hit me first . But as she punched me she said ur ugly and don't deserve Liam ur to ugly I was about to cry but I had to stay strong after we finished shopping those words just keep coming back to me where they really true am I really that ugly in the car I say in the back of the Camaro And amber drove us all home I just. Stared out the window what's rong I heard Lela ask I said that girl told me in was to ugly for Liam and I don't deasearve him Lela looked shocked for a minute and said if u where to ugly then y are u going out with him and she's not I mean u are so pretty I used to be jelly of u really I said yea she said thanks Lela u really know how to make me feel better after we got home the boys demand we put on something we bought so we agreed and put on some shorts and a tee and some converse and Liam said u look beautiful in my ear and all I could do is smile.

Liam's Pov : she was so beautiful and I didn't kno how to tell her

Hey guys thanks for reading I love reading ur books comment on the new chapter and I need ideas coment them or email me or Facebook me Emily Adams it's got cheer something on it it's a pic of me xD ok email is cowgirlgrace01@aol.com no judge it's cuse of my lil sis died of cancer at age of 2days so yeah but hope u like it oh twitter EmilygracexP
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