Ordinary girl

Emily and amber have been besties since head start and are big directioners they've finally got the money to get VIP tickets plus backstage but does Liam and Niall find the love of there life


15. Do u really

Lela and zayn have been dating for two months now and they are adorable so has harry and denice and lou and madison emily and liam and amber and niall! 


Niall : *texting* too :amber boo good morning beautiful. from amber boo: good morning .to: amber boo  wanna come down stairs

from amber boo: nah i look crapy today ill be down later. To amber boo :baby u never look crapy honestly u look beautiful 24/7. from amber boo: awww thanks babe just let me fix my hair and ill bee  down. to amber boo: ok baby cant wait to see ur beautiful face! *Niall in the kitchen* harry :GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN NIALL harry said god harry u gonna wake up Emily and Denice! harry: oh god i hope i woke up Denice i cant wait to see my skittle! Liam says confused why would u call her ur skittle shes not ur food!?*amber and denice walk down stairs * *boys mainly harry and Niall looked stunned* good morning girls Liam says!amber replies   she will be down in a few Liam: oh ok.


Liam: *thinking* is Emily ok? whats she doing she always first one up? should i go check on her? *talking* hey guys I'm going to check on Emily. Ok they all replied.*Liam knocks on the door and heres someone open a drawer and close. *Liam  opens door* Emily why did u slam that drawer shut? he asks i don't know accident. she replies 


Emily: hey boo can we do something today? Liam sure baby what do u wanna do ? Emily: wanna go to the park ? and tonight sense we are gonna leave and go to florida can we go shop before we leave tommorow? yea baby is all he said ill let u get ready then and ill go get ready ok boo see u in a few 


harry denice wanna do something tonight? sure loves she replies! lets go to a movie and shop before we leave tommarow he  says. ok loves ! she replies can we tag along lou says madison stayed at a friends and is on her way over here ! yea  he said ! can me and lela come too! zayn says stupidly making every one laugh! 


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