Ordinary girl

Emily and amber have been besties since head start and are big directioners they've finally got the money to get VIP tickets plus backstage but does Liam and Niall find the love of there life


17. confess

* after the date emily gets a phone call @ 6 am* * from Scottie cheer coach* 

Scottie: hey girl um that producer u told me to contact before u moved is in love with y'all and thinks y'all are a hit  and I set u up an interview Saturday for all of u this is a big opportunity for y'all

to be what y'all have always wanted to be Girls u can be millionaires be cause of this i understand if u say no but if u do u have no idea what ur gonna miss  

Emily: i am NOT passing this up I'm sure the other girls would love to here this to so i cant wait to tell them !!!! are they paying for flight over there and can we each bring one person ??

Scottie: most positively they will do both of those ur tickets are already booked and payed for its a privet plane with 5 beds so 2 per bed and i cant wait to see u but i have to go now i cant wait to see u again later bye!  


*2hrs later every ones up*

Emily: hey um girls i need to talk to u upstairs alone *they all nod in curiosity** in the room* 

hey girls i took on a major cheer deal we are flying to us to meet scottie and we have an interview and an agent and we canbe millionaires   are Job  is gonna be good but i already agreed the boys can come with us and flight is free so yea i couldnt help to say yes is that ok with y'all?

All: YES!

Emily: one little bump in the road is we never told the boys about this and are they gonna be ok with it we need to tell themour flights  tomorrow at 7 am. so lets go down stairs and explain? 

Lela: ok but what if they aren't happy with it ?

Madison: I'm sure it will be fine i know my boobear wont care he will be proud of me and all of us !

amber: yea i agree with madison lela don't  stress it we will be fine!

Emily: ok lets go!

*walks down stairs* *boys gathered watching telly* 

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