Ordinary girl

Emily and amber have been besties since head start and are big directioners they've finally got the money to get VIP tickets plus backstage but does Liam and Niall find the love of there life


12. Arrival

Next day~

Emily's POV there here as I saw a car pull up and i ran over to all of them with amber and hugged them I was so happy to see Madison and Denice and just a tad Lela . I saw Liam flash
Her a look but I more noticed harry Was drolling over Denice and lou was drooling over Madison and zayn had love at first site with Lela. It was cute how they stared ! We invited them in and we all sat down Lela,zayn,harry, Denice,me,Liam,Lou,Madison,amber Niall it was cool though I guesse I got used to new Lela cause I hung out with her a lot and Liam looked happy for me but he didn't kno that I still cut...

Liam's Pov: I'm so glad she dosent cut any more wait what as I walked in she had blood all I've her wrist. I ran over to stop the blood and she leaned into my chest and fell asleep.she was so beautiful. I always tell her and she never belives me I wish I was Niall he would know what to do. Wait that's it I picked up my phone to:nialler hey I really need u can u come down.From:nialler ok
Niall gets here really quick and asked whats rong I looked down at her dry blood on her wrist and said Niall something's wrong can u help me stop her before it gets bad please!!!!!
I beg!!!! And he said ok I will just let me think of what we could do
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