Ordinary girl

Emily and amber have been besties since head start and are big directioners they've finally got the money to get VIP tickets plus backstage but does Liam and Niall find the love of there life


1. Raising the money

Emily's POV: Ugh! Finally after 2 years we get 4k after selling bracelets. I thought it wasn't gonna end, but to meet Liam It was all worth it. I bought the tickets online on eBay. I couldn't wait to tell Amber! It was her dream to meet them especially Niall. But what am I gonna tell Lela. She been my friend since last year, and she loves Niall to but I can't afford another 2k for her even if she was my Bestie. Ambers POV ! I can't wait to meet Niall! But what if he hates me! Ugh! So much to worry about, so little time to think about it. I can't wait for her to buy them. Honestly Emily doesn't know that Lela hates my guts she tells all of my secrets even Emily's I just can't tell her she's just so popular and I'm just plain me!
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