Missing You

Ally, Jake and Jess have been best friends ever since they could remember but when something tears them apart its for the worst. Ally becomes a bully and Jake and Jess cant do anything about it. Will they be able to forgive and forget or for once will this story not have a happy ending.


2. School Hallway

Ally's P.O.V

First day back at school for the year. Yay my nightmare begins. I pull on my pink denim shorts and a black frayed tank top, brush my hair and let it hang lose over my shoulders, I quickly apply some mascara and head out the door. Jake was waiting out the front for me as usual we walk to school to school together every day. "Are you excited about this year" Jake asks me as we walk through the street. "Honestly I'm not because im sick of people bullying you and Jess" I replied looking down at the stone pavement. "Al Al, don't worry about it, it's not your fault," Jake said looking at me with his gorgeous brown eyes wait what am I saying. "Yes, it is Jake if I hadn't have stopped being friends with them they would leave you alone" I replied looking up realising we were at school. "Al Al I'm not going to let you blame yourself for this we will discuss this later okay?" Jake asked hugging me, see this is why I love having best friends who care about you. "Okay" I said and we said goodbye and walked off to our first class.


I had English first period and music second period. As I was walking back to my rusty old locker I saw them. Debbie, Maddie, Holly, The popular girls basically were shoving Jake to the ground and calling him a gay faggot. "HEY LEAVE HIM ALONE" I screamed running down the hallway towards my best friend. Jess was right behind me we both went running down to where Debbie, Maddie and Holly had just been. Jake was lying on the ground crying his eyes out, "I cant take this any more" he whispered sitting up. Jess and I helped him off and helped him to go and sit on the bench near the lockers. 'Hey its recess," I said smiling "Yeah so?" Jess said looking up and realising what I meant. Jess and I told Jake to stay where he was until we got back.


Jess and I basically sprinted down the hallway towards where we knew Debbie, Maddie and Holly would be. We walked up to them and shoved them all and as they fell on their faces in the cafeteria the whole room burst into fits of laughter. "Don't want that to happen again" Jess and I chanted "then don't hurt JAKE" and with that we stormed out of the school cafeteria and back to Jake who was still whimpering in pain. We started to tell him what we did but then he piped in "I know its already on youtube" We all looked at eachother and burst out laughing even Jake. "I love you guys" Jake said still laughing. We all just smiled and walked to our next classes.


At the end of the day Jake and I walked home together. When we got to the end of his street we hugged and said goodbye but he grabbed my hand before I could leave. "Al Al" he whispered "I have to tell you something". "Okay" I said worriedly, "Well" he muttered "I have a massive crush on you".

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