Missing You

Ally, Jake and Jess have been best friends ever since they could remember but when something tears them apart its for the worst. Ally becomes a bully and Jake and Jess cant do anything about it. Will they be able to forgive and forget or for once will this story not have a happy ending.


1. Proluge

Ally's P.O.V

Okay let me get something straight I am not one of those popular girls you see bouncing around with the nice clothes and pretty faces. I'm just me, nothing special believe me. I have long brown hair just past my shoulders that is naturally curly. My eyes are a dim green and apparently as my best friends say they give away exactly how im feeling. Well the three popular girls as everyone would call them well they don't bully me but they bully my two best friends Jess and Jake. Jess is so pretty I hate her for it (just kidding Jess love ya gorgeous) she has long blonde hair that is dead straight and sparkling blue eyes. Damn I wish I was her. Then well then theres Jake hes just Jake, he has short spiky brown hair and brown eyes but believe me he is funny as hell. Alright well I guess that's my life basically. 

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