One Magic Moment

For the valentine day competition :)



Amy's P.O.V

It was valentines day.. Great I thought to myself another year alone. Okay my name is Amy im 18 years old and basically haven't had a boyfriend since I was twelve sounds like the best life ever right. Wrong. I have the worst job in the world I work at nandos. Which don't get me wrong I love nandos but it dosnt pay that much at all especially when you have to work on valentines day then you don't get payed at all. So I got up and put on a light green sundress a pair of silver heels and curled my hair. Applied a little foundation and mascara and then I looked in the mirror perfect I thought. I know I know your probably thinking who gets dressed up to go to work at nandos well I do so get over it. Anyway as I was saying it was just an ordinary day when I got to work I clocked in and decided I would work the counter first. I worked for two hours until two. Then the manager kicked all of the customers out of the restaurant. What his is problem lately is he trying to get us closed down. He walked up to us and said that the restaurant had been hired out to a group of people. We all smiled and nodded private parties always means more pay. SHIT I don't get paid on valentines day. The group of people walked in and it was non other than one direction. Me and Ellie, were the only people working that day so it we were pretty laid back. Yeah we liked one direction but we weren't there biggest fans so we weren't going to go fangirl over them. They all walked in and they all had girls with them except one. The blonde one and from what Ellie was saying I think his name was Niall. So we got five tables ready. Liam and Danielle sat at one, Louis and Eleanor at another, Zayn and Perrie together on a table and then Harry and some girl called Jayde. Then there was Niall, poor Niall was escorted to a table by himself. Ellie looked at me with sadness in her eyes and I knew she felt bad for him, well I mean who wouldn't. Ellie went and took orders for Zayn and Perrie, Harry and Jayde went I went over to order. Niall looked up when he saw me and I could see the sadness on his face. "Hey Niall" I said "hi" he whispered looking down "Can I take your order" I asked him. "Um just a chicken burger" he said looking down. "Okay Niall sure" I said smiling even though he couldn't see it. I walked away and saw Ellie "El Niall seems really depressed" I whispered to her as we were getting their food. "I know" she whispered back "maybe we can try and cheer him up".


When we were clearing the boys plates I went to get Niall's plate he hadn't even touched his food. I sat down opposite him. "Whats wrong Niall" I said actually caring this time. Niall looked up and sighed "I've been alone on valentines day for the past five years". I looked into his eyes he was nearly crying the tears were sitting on the edge of his eyes. "Niall is that all ive been alone on valentines day since I was tweleve, believe me its not that bad I kind of like still having the thought that the perfect guy is still out there". Niall looked into my eyes and smiled "I guess your right" he sighed "Im still looking for my princess, Um Amy I know we have only known each other for well tonight but do you maybe want to go out for starbucks" he smiled at me. "I would love to Niall" I replied and we held hands and walked out of nandos.





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