One Direction Valentines Infection

Tanaya and her best friend Samantha go to Italy for Valentines day and unexpectedly meet One Direction. You must read to find out more


1. Vancouver to Italy

Tanaya's P.O.V.

After I finished packing my bags for Italy my mom and I went to Samantha's house to pick her up for the airport. When I got to Samantha's house she had just started packing. "Hey Tanaya" Samantha said.
Hey Samantha. Hurry up our flight leaves in an hour.
"Okay. I'll be there in a minute" said Samantha.
Seriously how long does it take you to pack? I said sarcastically with a smirk on my face.
"Jeez! Tanaya calm down I'm coming" Samantha said in an annoyed voice
Okay. But seriously I have never met someone as slow as you. Now let's go. I said in an annoyed tone.
"Okay I'm ready" Samantha said.
As I walked to the car I thought to myself that I should have brought my boyfriend Justin with me. I felt bad that I had to leave my boyfriend here in Vancouver on Valentines day. As Samantha was putting her bags into the car she asked me "why we had to go to Italy for Valentines day.?" I told her that she is the one that wanted to go on Valentines day not me. We got into the car and left to the airport. I was getting nervous that we might miss our flight because it left in thirty minutes. Once we got to the airport Samantha and I started to unload our suitcases.
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