Second Chances

Inspired by true events, imagination & daydreams.

Jasper is a freshman in high school who has recently fallen in love with one of his best friends who is also his ex. Will he be able to confess his love for Leda or will it be too late for his second chance?


4. Mixed Emotions

I convinced Chloe and her friends to go down to the hallway near the arcade room instead of the gym. When we were got down there I immediately saw Leda. I couldn't help but keep looking at her. Then I saw that May could see me looking at her, so I looked away. Then I glanced back again a couple more times then Leda was walking in my direction. She didn't even look at me but walked past me towards the gym. I started to walk with them, I didn't even know why I did. Maybe because Chloe was annoying me, maybe it was just impulse.
But they were stopped at the stairs because our friend Taylor was on the stairs. He told me to catch him from the stairs so I tried the best I could. Leda and May started laughing a little. I could feel my cheeks blush so I looked down at the floor until Leda and May went upstairs but for only a minute before running back down the stairs. I didn't know why but then I heard Ellie talking and Rich playing his guitar then I knew why, they hated them. But Ellie's too stupid to realize it and Rich is always trying to gain their trust even though he's fucked up too many times.

I walked to the arcade room where Leda and May ran off to. I saw Leda being hugged by Taylor as he was twirling her around. I could feel my face burn and yet I felt sad. I still hadn't gotten the chance to say what I needed to say. I decided to go hangout with Chloe's friends until I could tell her. While they were talking I could see Leda sitting next to Jeff talking and laughing, I was pissed. I went into the movie room to see what was playing. It didn't look interesting so I walked out and I saw May, Rich, Jeff and Leda talking in the arcade room, but Jeff and Leda had their arms around each others shoulders, but not like in a dating way, like a buddy-buddy way. It still made me frustrated. I knew I wouldn't have time to talk to her alone. Hell, we've barely talked all BZ.
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