Second Chances

Inspired by true events, imagination & daydreams.

Jasper is a freshman in high school who has recently fallen in love with one of his best friends who is also his ex. Will he be able to confess his love for Leda or will it be too late for his second chance?


5. End Of BZ/My Wake Up Call

It was almost the end of BZ. Everyone was getting their shit and giving each other hugs. I saw Jeff and Leda hugging so I walked up to them and grabbed Jeffs shoulders and said "Jeff has aids." She just looked at me for awhile and said "Prove it then." I just smiled and said "I don't think I would want to." She said bye to both Jeff and I then walked off. Jeff gave me one of those really disappointed looks. Then I realized he was starting to fall for her. I felt like my chances with her were gone just like that. But I pulled myself together before I did something that I'd regret. I was going around looking for Rich but I saw Leda being carried by Taylor. He carried her into the movie room and twirled her again. I wished that I could the one who could twirl her and make her laugh and be happy... But I walked away and I started talking to my friend Alex. It was time to go so I picked up Alex and started carrying him outside. I was almost to the door then I heard Leda saying "He's carrying the little one right there!" I glanced back and saw Rich walking towards me. We went outside and it was Rich, Alex, Jeff and I. We were waiting for my mom because my dad was picking up Josh and whichever friends he was bringing home instead. She pulled up and we all got in. Rich, Alex and I were in the back and Jeff took shotgun. Rich looked at me and said "Why didn't you tell her you douche?" I said "Because Jeff likes her too, he ruined my chances with her." Jeff just quietly said "You're so fucking stupid Jasper I swear..." Alex looked around and said "Who the hell are you guys talking about?" Jeff looks back and says "Leda, Alex." He looked at me confused "Who?" Jeff rubbed both his eyes and said "Leda? The girl with the pastel pink hair, usually has black glasses on but she was wearing her contact-" "OH! I remember her. She's cute." Jeff and I gave him both an evil glare for a second. "That still doesn't mean you couldn't have told her..." Rich said looking down at his phone. We drove into our driveway, parked in the garage and my mom looked around at all of us and said "Rich.. Alex.. will you please go inside while I talk to my sons real quick?" When they went inside Mom, Jeff and I were in the garage and she looked at us for awhile then said "So you both like this girl, Leda, right?" I looked at Jeff then back at my mom. "Yes. But she likes Jeff, you should've seen the way she looked at him and he looked at her. I have no chance because of him." Jeff looked down at his feet for a second then looked up at me and said "I might like her. But I know she's head over heels for you Jasper! Even though you broke her heart! She's liked you for ten months. Almost a fucking year. Then you date her best friend and then when she sits down and talks to me about her feelings towards you. You get jealous and say she likes me more!? You asked her to date you when you just wanted to be with someone. She cared about you. All you did was lie to her. Then you broke up with her after a day. A day! And don't forget the next time you saw her after your breakup you were with another girl kissing and holding each other! You wish you could tell her your feelings towards her but she can never trust you now. Trust is what builds relationships and you ruined it. But you know what the funniest thing is? If you asked to date her again she probably would say yes. Even though you killed her more than you could ever imagine, she still cares for you. Then you dare say I ruined your chances. You're more hopeless than I thought Jasper." My mom looked a me for a minute, got closer to me and softly said "You better get your shit together before you even think about letting this girl down Jasper." Then my mom went inside. I looked down at the ground trying not to tear up, I knew I messed up when she told me her feelings when we were dating and I didn't feel completely the same way. But that's why I broke up with her, so she didn't get hurt. Didn't really work out the way I wanted it to. Then recently I realized how much I needed her by my side, forever. Jeff was still in the garage with me waiting for me to say something. "I didn't realize how much she cared until it was too late, you know?" I said still looking at the ground. "Yea, I know. But you need to make it up to her. Gain her trust, but don't break her heart again." I looked up at him. "How can I?" He grabbed my shoulder and said "You'll find a way." Then he walked inside.

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