Second Chances

Inspired by true events, imagination & daydreams.

Jasper is a freshman in high school who has recently fallen in love with one of his best friends who is also his ex. Will he be able to confess his love for Leda or will it be too late for his second chance?


3. Chloe Likes Me.

Leda and May started leaving the gym so I went with them. As we went downstairs I saw Chloe looking at me over and over again. Then as we got closer to her she pulled Leda into the bathroom. Moments later they came out. I realized that Chloe told Leda that she liked me, mostly because I heard Leda tell May but that's not the point. Anyways I realized that's how I could get back at her with Chloe as she did to me with Jeff. So I started hanging out with Chloe we went up to the gym with her friends. Then Leda came up with May looking for someone then they went into the hallway. I could hear them laughing. I wanted to leave and go with them but I wasn't ready or capable to tell her yet...
Then Chloe asked me for my number and when I gave it to her less then 5 minutes later she text me. I felt like it was a mistake to give her it.
Later on a lot of people started blowing bubbles in the gym, Leda and May came back messing around with the bubbles. I was throwing a ball back and forth with Chloe. Then I got another text. I knew it wasn't Chloe because she was right in front of me. When I got my phone from my pocket I realized Leda and May weren't in the gym anymore. I checked my messages and it was a random number who text me saying that I was an asshole. I knew it wasn't Leda because I had her number saved. I didn't really take attention into the text anyhow.
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