Second Chances

Inspired by true events, imagination & daydreams.

Jasper is a freshman in high school who has recently fallen in love with one of his best friends who is also his ex. Will he be able to confess his love for Leda or will it be too late for his second chance?


2. Can't Seem To Say

She put her coat and purse away. Then we walked into the arcade room. She looked about as nervous I felt. She went to go say hi to her friends and she started talking to Jeff. I don't know how to feel about her and Jeff talking and hanging out all of last BZ. So I went towards them and said "Jeff's a whore." She smirked and said "Yea, okay." I just wanted to talk to her alone. I was frustrated that her and my brother were talking more than me and her were. Then Chloe walked in and hugged her, I could she how annoyed she was with Chloe, she didn't like her. So I told her and May that we should go to the gym. I mostly just wanted to get her away from my brother. We went to the gym and I was just fooling around and they were talking. I was frustrated with myself. "Why can't I tell her?" I said in my mind over and over. I couldn't seem to be able to or get her alone for that matter...
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