Everlasting Valentine (1SHOT41D)

Katie is just a normal girl spending the day with her boyfriend but what happens when things start to happen.
My computer is stupid so some things are off but.


1. Luv U

Katie's Pov

"Morning shirtless mirror lover" I said ruffling his hair on the way to the kitchen. "Don't touch my hair!" Zayn whined wrapping his arms around my waist. "Well I want to" I said ruffling his hair again walking to the living room. With my bacon in my hands. Plopping on the couch, "Mama or Pitch Perfect?" I said asking Zayn"Mama we always watch pitch perfect" Zayn said.

Time Le Fast Forward 2 Hours

Zayn's Pov "Zayn" Katie said softly hugging me. "Yeah" Cat I said looking into her eyes. "What are we doing today?" Katie said looking into my eyes. "Well blue eyes get dressed and you'll find out" I said. "But into what?" Katie said. "Something casual" I said.

Katie's Pov

"Ok" I said giving Zayn a quick kiss on the cheek. I ran upstairs and changed into a white tank top with skulls on it and thread laced on the sides, red skinny jeans with zippers on the pockets, and put on a white infinity scarf. Slipped on some black combat boots, put on red nerd glasses added a leather and chain headband over my hair, added hooped earrings. Put a brown fringe crossbody over my head and put my Iphone 5 with a elephant case in my purse. For makeup I put on baby lips light pink lipstick, white eye shadow and red eye liner,Put my purple pastel hair in a fishtail braid and sprayed some taylor swift perfume on. "Ready" I said walking down the stairs hugging Zayn on the way to the door. I got into the car turned the radio on really loud and put the hood down. Just then the best song ever came on Magic by B.O.B. "So where are we going" I said danceing in my seat. "Well you know how you've always wanted to get matching tattoos?" Zayn said. "Really" I screamed. "Yep" he said happily. "Yay I love you" I said squeezing his hand. "Love you to lets go inside" Zayn said to me by now we were at the tattoo shop. 

In The Tattoo Shop

"Ouch!" I said quietly under my breath squeezing Zayn's hand. "I know it hurts but its worth it" Zayn said tracing my other tattoo. A infinity sign with the word love in cursive on part of the sign. The tattoos ended up being the words to infinity on my ankle and beyond on Zayn's ankle. "Happy Valentines day babe" Zayn said kissing my cheek.

Zayn's Pov

By now it was like 3pm and we were at an amusement park. I had won her a huge stuffed bear and we were walking hand in hand till we got to the middle of the park. When someone stopped us and started dancing. Soon it turned in to a flashmob. When they all stopped singing I bent down and pulled out a ring. "Katie Marie Payne I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you so..." I said as the boys came out with cards that said Will You Marry Zayn. "Yes!" she said kissing me. "She said yes!" I shouted. Just then the boys surrounded us in a group hug. The next year on Febuary 14 we got married.


Zayn Javadd Malik


Katie Marie Payne

request the honor of your presence

at their marriage

on Friday, February fourteenth

twenty hundred and fourteen

at two o'clock in the afternoon

Kings Place

90 York Way

London, N1 9AG

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