Best Friends Jordan and Valery go on a double date on Valentines Day with there boy friends Harry and Niall. There promised the night of there lives.


1. Jordan, Valery, Niall and Harry



Valerys POV:


I look at the clock and it reads 8:00pm. Half an hour before Harry comes to pick me up. It's Valentines Day. I'm going on my first ever double date. I'm so excited! I know Jordan is probably freaking out. She gets excited really easy! She always has. We're best friends, more like sisters! She's dating Niall, a sweet Irish guy. Him and Harry are also such great friends! The four of us hang out all the time.

Jordan is texting me like crazy! Sending me things like "What if he doesn't like my hair!!!" and "What should I wear!!!" I laugh a little. I text her back saying "I'm sure he'll think you look beautiful! He always does! :)" I calm her down and we text for what seems like forever! When our conversation is ended by a knock at the door. I text Jordan and say "Time flew! Harry's here TTYL :)" I slide my phone into my purse and run for the door.

I open the door and look at Harry. He's dressed in a white T-shirt, jeans and white converse. His dark curly hair flipped over to one side like it always is. His mischievous green eyes staring right into my  blue ones. A smirk spread across his face. He greets me with a kiss on the forehead and holds out his hand. I take it and he says "shall we go?"


Jordans POV:


I wave at Valery and Harry and they wave back at me. They come and join Niall and I at our table. Valery and Harry sitting together on one side. Niall has his arm wrapped around me. He makes me feel so safe. Harry does the same to Valery, and she cuddles a little closer. We all exchange conversation about how our days have been, when the waitress comes by to take our order, Harry speaks first. "I'll have the taco meal" the waitress nods and looks at Valery, "I'll have the chicken Parmesan please" "sure Hun,  and you sir?" she looks at Niall "one cheese burger-" I give him a nudge, telling him I want that as well, "make that 2 cheese burgers"  The waitress smiles, and walks away to get our orders.                                                                                                                                      


Nialls POV:


She is so beautiful... I think I love her. I just realized, I love Jordan. I sat there, politely listening to Jordan tell us about her life and how her and Valery were best friends in all of Elementary school AND High School. That amazed me how close they were, and how they stayed friends for that long. I can't possibly imagine all the fights they went through, all the pain one went through and the other helping them through it. I mean, I know Jordan was a bit more sensitive than Valery, because she is constantly being yelled at, bullied, and going through pain. I had asked her earlier if she had a boyfriend before me, but she looked straight into my eyes, and walked away, her eyes were watery. I decided to ask Valery what had happened later, and hope I get an answer. I was thinking about all of this, when I was interrupted by Jordan looking at me weirdly. 

"Ni... Our food has been here for ages, are you feeling alright?" Jordan asked

"yeah, yeah, I'm fine! Lets eat!" We ate, and I loved how Jordan ate basically just as much as me. Valery, I noticed is very picky with her food, I wonder how her and Jordan became friends? Oh! Opposites attract! I loved how close they were. 


Harrys POV


I kick Niall under the table. He's staring at Jordan and is completly out of it. He gives me a weird look, then notices how awkward it was for Jordan. He looks Back at me and we laugh, "What is it?" Valery asks. "Nothing" she yawns and leans her head on my shoulder, she's tierd. She groans in discomfort and nusels her face in my chest. I chuckle at her and she brings her head up to look at me. She's so cute like that sometimes. She's perfect... I snap out of it and notice we're all finished eating. "Should we go to the movie now?" I say throughing Niall a wink. "Good idea!" Niall replys. The girls nod in agreement. We pay the bill and walk outside. Me and Niall lead the girls outside. We stop and wait. "What are we doing?" Valery asks, "The car's are over there!"  Jordan backs. Just then the limo pulls up. Niall opens the back door and say's "Lady's first" Valery looks at me and says "Really?!" I laugh, "Yeah!" She kisses me and takes my hand, pulling me inside the limo. Niall and Jordan climb in. The drive looks back at us and says "to the movies then?" winking at us four, "yes sir!" Niall says winking back.


Jordans POV


We have been driving forever, I'm starting to question what's going on. So I ask Niall "Where are we going? The movies aren't anywhere around here!" He looks at Harry then back at me, "uhh.. Alomost there!" he says looking out the window. "Jordan's right! Seriously guys where are we!" Varley clearly confused too. "We're here!" Harry yells. Me and Valery just roll our eyes and go with it. The boys lead us up to a house. It's huge... very beautiful. I look at Valery and she seems confused. Harry takes keys out of his pocket and opens the door. "W-what?" "H-how?" "W-where did you get those k-keys?" Valery barley says. I'm spechless the place is beautiful. Niall and Harry lead us by the hands inside. They stop and Niall turns on the lights and says "Welcome home!" Me and Valery take a second to get it. Niall and Harry bought this house for the four of us. "O-oh my gosh!" I say running and jumping into Nialls arms he catches me and spins me around, he stops and gives me a passionate kiss. Valery who has been standing there for the longest time, runs up to Harry and jumps into his arms aswell, he holds her by the thighs and she wraps her legs around him. I watch as he leans in and whispers something in her ear, Valery whispers something back. Then she kisses him and he lets her down. I run up to Valery huging her, she hugs me back and we jump up and down. This is what we have always dreamed of!


Valerys POV (last POV)


After we have calmed down, the boys show us the entire house and we sit down to watch a romantic movie. It's at the end of the movie, where the boy proposes to his girlfriend when Niall and Harry stand up. Harry kneels infront of me and Niall kneels infront of Jordan. They both pull out tiny boxs and hold them out to us. I cover my mouth and start crying, I know whats coming. Then, in the most perfect way, they say insync with the movie and eachother, "Will you marry me?" They open the little boxs, inside are two beautiful rings, there identical!  "Yes, yes, yes!!!" I sceam and right after I hear Jordan say to Niall "Yes, a million times yes!!!" Harry slips the ring on my finger and Niall does the same for Jordan. We look at each other, seeing eachother crying makes us laugh a little. I know my next move. I push Harry back and jump ontop of him, all in one swift move ment. I kiss him and he kisses me back, chuckling at my actions. My feance... I love him so much! The kiss ends and I look at Jordan and Niall they finish a kiss and hug each other for a long time. Me and Harry stand up. "We're the luckest girls in the world!" Jordan says, "You guys are amazing!" I agree. "Group hug!" Niall yells. We all join in a group hug. Me and Jordan hugging and the boys wrapping there arms around us. "It's getting late we should all go to bed" Harry says taking my hand. Niall, Jordan, Harry and I walk up the stairs together. I hug Jordan and tell her sweet dreams, she laughs and says "you too!" Me and Harry go in to our room, we change into PJs and slip into bed.

Harry wraps his arms around me and I rest my head on his chest.

Niall wraps his arms around me and I rest my head on his chest.

Harry kisses me on the forehead and whispers "I love you so much"

Niall kisses me on the forehead and whispers "I love you so much"

I tell Harry I love him too and listen to his heart beat untill I fall asleep.

I tell Niall I love him too and listen to his heart beat untill I fall asleep.







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