Hit the Sun with your shades. Reece Mastin Fan Fiction.


4. Surprises for everyone!



at 6:30 am i hear something outside, im so tired but i look out my window just in case  somethings wrong, all i see is emily looking like she just came back from a run, what on earth was that woman doing running at 6:30 in the morning! i get back into bed and i fall asleep thinking of her. At 9:30 i was woken by someone walking out of a door, i look out my window again and Emily is getting into her car, she looked like she was going shopping.. hmm great another day alone..


i jump in the car wearing (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=55138506) and im off to go shopping. Im buying presents for everyone, theyve all been so welcoming and have accepted me, ive also realised reece is not just that rockstar everyone see's his amazing, i know ive only known him for like a week but as chliche' as it sounds the whole love at first sight caption may fit here. I arrive at tea tree plaza and walked around for a good 3 hours, i got liv a love heart pendant, georgie a london themed pandora charm, pip justin biebers perfume, deb a silver/diamond bangle, darren a gift card to buy what ever he wants and now i was left with reeces present. I walk around for another hour until i finally find the perfect present, i put a whole lot of little things together to make him happy, i buy turkish delights and chuppa chups, guns n roses merch, bracelets and necklaces and to be a smart ass i buy his album and singles. 

Once i get home i take all my shopping into my bedroom and wrap everyones presents i send reece a text *Heey you, come out for dinner with me tonight, no food in the house and mums not home, p/s tell your mum, dad and the girls i have something for them.. also tell deb to text me.. seeya soon sweet pea! xo* then jump in the shower whist my straightener warms up, after a while i get out of the shower and put on nice clothes, my nails still painted from before i left this morning (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=55142732) before i curled my hair i checked my phone and i had 3 messages.

one from deb *hey emily its deb, reece said you got darren, the girls and i something, you really didnt have to and he also said you needed me, what can i do for you darlin? xx* i replied with *Hey deb, i got all of you a little present, im coming over with them soon if thats okay? i need your help with getting reece out of the house while i put his present in his room, i wanted to surprise him xx*   the next message was from liv, *Emilyyyyyyyyy, fashion disaster over here! i need your help and fast! im coming over as soon as you reply! * i reply * sweet as livvy, doors open im in my room! x* The last message was reece replying *Hey there beautiful, sure thing! cant have you starving now can we :-) told them and mum texted you, see you soon! xo* which i replied to *Doing my hair, if liv hasnt already left send her over, ill be over when liv decides to go home haha :$*   i parted my hair and looked like a spastic and started to curl my hair when liv came rushing through my bedroom door, she saw all the presents and went straight  over to reeces, she giggled and then turned to me "surprising him?" "yep, your mums in on the plan too.." "oh sweet so im guessing before we go over i have to ring mum and see if reece is gone?" "thats my plan"    a good half an hour later i finished curling my hair and helping livvy out, i give her the present i bought her and she loves it. Liv rings deb and whilst there on the phone i get a text off reece *Hey beautiful, mum just needs something from up the road, ive just gone to get it, wait for me at mine and when i get back we can go :-) xo*  "LIVVY HIS GOING!" i look out the window "SCRAP THAT HIS GONE!!"  we both hurry over to the mastins with the presents, i grab reece's massive present and walk into his room, surprisingly its clean. I set the present on the bed and go down and give everyone else their presents, they all loved their presents, once everything settles down i sit at the table and tell everyone that ill handle the situation. Just as we finish talking reeces car pulls into the drive way.

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