Hit the Sun with your shades. Reece Mastin Fan Fiction.


7. promopromopromo


Once we got to the Hotel i got changed into comfy clothes (http://www.polyvore.com/comfyyy/set?id=61846219). I walked out into the lounge area and turned the tv on. Thats when i realised, Reece was missing? but he walked in with me? whaaaaaaat?! i got up and looked in our bedroom, no one there. I looked in the kitchen area, no one there, i looked on the balcony, no one there. okay so his either left me here or is hiding somewhere. Then something caught my eye, a note stuck on the door.  

Em, i was called into a promo thing, i knew you were tired so i decided to leave you here, im coming home at 4 to get ready for the Arias, dont stress. Have a nap, watch a movie, and before you know it i'll be home. I love you beautiful.
Reece xx
p.s check  twitter...

Greaaat, its 12pm and he gets back at 4, thats a whole four hours. Hmm what can i do, i go back to the Tv and put on the notebook, and not long after i fall asleep on the lounge.


i Landed like an hour ago and im already being called to do promo's and interviews. I just want to relax for a bit! I write a note for Emily and then get into my hire car. While i get driven to where ever i need to be i decide to send out a tweet.. "Hey lil rockers, i wanted you guys to hear it from me instead of media, me and @emilyyyy are together, if your a true lil rocker you will support us, she makes me happy, xx"  with that i get to a Nova for an interview, greaat.

After Four long hours of promo i finally get to relax, jokes i have to get ready for the Aria awards nominations. Yay for no sleep! I open the door to the hotel room and walk in to find Emily fast asleep on the lounge, she looks so adorable. I take a picture and tweet it "aww my sleeping beauty @emilyyyy shes adorable :-) " my mentions go crazy but i put my phone away and walk over to her.

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