Hit the Sun with your shades. Reece Mastin Fan Fiction.


1. New Everything.


"Emily! go to sleep, we have an early flight tomorrow!" mum called out, everything in our house was packed. We were moving to adelaide tomorrow, which meant a new school, new house and new friends. I sighed to myself then got up and switched my off, i lay on my bed looking up at the ceiling and think to myself what if this move turns out horrible? what if i dont make new friends? what if no one likes me at school? i slowly drifted off to sleep.


The next morning i woke up to the sound of my alarm buzzing in my ear, i jumped up and got dressed into my outfit which i had picked out before our stuff was sent over http://www.polyvore.com/em_plane_to_adelaide/set?id=52486346 I grabbed my bag and we headed off to the airport, before i boarded the plane i stopped and bought a hot chocolate and a few magazines. Eventually mum and I boarded the plane and were on out way to Adelaide.

After a two hour flight i was buggered! we got to our new house and it was MASSIVE, we had a pool and my bedroom was massive, i was quite impressed with the house. I started to unpack my bedroom when i heard the doorbell ring, i ran down to the door but mum beat me to it, our neighbour Deb was standing at the door and invited us over for dinner tonight, of course my mum accepted, i looked up at the clock and i had two hours till we were expeted to be at Deb's house, come to think of it Deb did look familiar, wait a second! Deb looked exactly like Reece Mastin's mum, AM I HAVING DINNER AT THE MASTINS?!

An hour later i started to get ready, i decided if i was really having dinner at the mastins id ought to look good, i jumped in the shower while my straightener heated up. I got dressed into my outfit (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=52489018) and then curled my hair, i did light natural make up and then was ready to get going. I did a last minute check and headed off next door.


I got home and went straight into my room, ive had such a long day, i love my lil rockers but some of them just take being a fan to the next level, i still cant believe i had to run all the way home, this is bull! "Reeeeeece! get cleaned up our new neighbours are coming over for tea!" oh thats great, typical mum inviting the new neighbours over for dinner, oh well i wonder if theyre fans? i get cleaned up and as i walked down to the lounge room, the door bell rang. Mum opened the door and a girl around my age was standing there with her mum, she was drop dead gorgeous! she had hair almost down to her hips and she had the most amazing body, i was snapped out of my little daydream by realizing i was staring at her, how embarrassing!

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