Hit the Sun with your shades. Reece Mastin Fan Fiction.


2. dinner and a date?



Deb opened the door and standing behind her starring at me was THE reece mastin, i couldnt help but stare back, he was just gorgeous! eventually we were caught starring at eachother, HOW EMBARRASSING!  i was introduced to everyone and pulled into hugs, i eventually was properly introduced to reece and we seemed to click straight away. 


it was all silent at the dinner table until reece decides to break the awkwardness. "so emily, what school are you going to ?" "golden grove high.." "oh sweet i went there, georgie goes there now actually" "mad! at least i'll know someone" 

we sit at the table and chat for a while before mum says we have to go, i say bye to everyone but when i say bye to reece he pulls me back and says "do you wanna hang out tomorrow? i could show you around town?" this makes me smile "aw id love to, after my job interview though?" "job interview? you just moved in today?" "yeaah, i like to stay organised" i blush a little, we trade numbers and i head off, wow what a great day.

the next morning i wake up to a text message from reece *Good Morning gorgeous, Good luck with your interview, see ya this arvo xx* i giggle to myself and reply *Thankyouuu ! x*. I jump into the shower and then do my hair, i put on my outfit (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=54640081) then head down to the kitchen to find mum making me chocolate chip pancakes. I thank her and then eat them, soon enough im at my interview getting nervous.


i cant seem to get emily off my mind, i cant wait till after her interview but i still have no idea where im going to take her. Maybe to that ice cream shop? or maybe to the chocolate factory? or the park? or all of them? i have no idea, but i pick up my phone to look at the time and its 11:30 in the morning, emily should be getting home right about now, i look out the window and i was right, she was walking into her front door, i get ready and wait for her to text me.  after half an hour i get a text message from her. *Meet me out the front xx* I walk out the front after letting mum know where im going and there she was, waiting out the front of both of out houses wearing (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=54641848). She wasnt dressed up but she still looked amazing.   We started walking and ended up at the ice cream palour, we order our icecream and sat down to talk, conversations just flowed between us, we ate our ice cream and realized it was getting close to 5pm. It was then i realised it was Dions birthday tonight and we were going out into town to some formal thing, and i still needed a date! "hey em, are you free tonight?" hopefully she is, if not ill be rocking up dateless to a formal event, not cool. "yeah i am, whys that?" "um, wanna be my date to Dions formal birthday type thing? i know its late notice, i understand if you dont want to, i get that we just met yesterday and all..." "reece, stop rambling, of course ill go, give me a time and ill be ready.." "ohmygod thankyou so so so much! be ready by 7 ill pick you up, but for now lets get going so you can get ready!"     

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