Hit the Sun with your shades. Reece Mastin Fan Fiction.


5. be my date


Reece walked in  singing the lyrics  to timeless as we all turned and looked at the door. "Here you go mum! ready to go em?" he said  cheerfully. "um, reece before you go, can you go up to your room and get that jacket you wanted me to fix?" deb said hopefully. "yeah sure mum". with that he dissappeared into his bedroom. After a good 3 minutes we all heard a "OHMYGOLLYGOSH" and then footsteps running down the stairs. "emily, did you do this?" he said with a huge grin, he was holding the whole present in his arms. "Sure thing chicken wing" i said with a wink. He ran up to me and hugged me so tight i couldnt breath.

We finally got to a restaurant for dinner, after driving for an hour because accoring to Reece all the restaurants in town were 'Not good enough' .  we sat down and ate, with a lot of small talk for a while until reece said. "Emily, you know how your formals coming up in like, 3 weeks?" "yeaaah..." "I GOT INVITED" he said with an even bigger smile then he had before, i was happy for him but secretley i was more interested in who he was going to take. "emily? helllooo? earth to emily?" SHIT. i was daydreaming. "huh? oh yeah, thats heaps mad!" "so, i was wondering.. did you wanna be my date?" YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES. my insides screamed. "aw id love to" i said on the outside.

Three weeks went past and i was getting ready for the formal, i was so excited! i painted my nails gold, and then went to the hairdressers and a make up artist to get my hair and make up done. I came home and it was time to get ready. I slipped into my dress carefully, trying not to ruin my hair and put on my accessories (http://www.polyvore.com/formal/set?id=59760228) When i was done with my outfit, the door bell rang. Mum answered it as i walked down the stairs, All of the mastins were standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up at me, i let out a smile and then something flashed in front of me, yep mum and her camera, then debs camera flashed and then onto livs.

I walked up to Reece and hugged him, "you look beautiful" he whispered in my ear. We took multiple photos, not by choice but from what i was told they looked really good. Eventually we left for the formal. When we got there we saw that the school had set up a red carpet at the venue for the class of 2012. After photos all over again, we finally got into the formal where it was set up beautifully.

After dancing for a while a slow song came on and reece asked me to dance, i agreed and eventually we danced the whole song, she will be loved came on and i was still in Reeces grip. He started singing to me and it was like no one else was in the room. I could see his ex girlfriend glaring at me, if looks could kill id be dead. At the end of the song he leaned in, and kissed me.  I was over the moon. Once we both pulled away he said "i fly to sydney tomorrow-" i cut him off "well. thats a way to impress a girl, kiss her and fly out of the state" i said bluntly. "No silly, i wasnt finished, i want you to come with me, and theres another thing" "are you serious?! and whats the other thing?" " Yes of course -.- and will you be my girlfriend? from the moment i set eyes on you, in my doorway i fell for you" "Of course ill come and yes, id love to be yours as long as your mine?" "im yours silly"  and that was that, reece was mine and we were flying to Sydney tomorrow.

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