Hit the Sun with your shades. Reece Mastin Fan Fiction.


6. Airport maddness?


That night i rushed home and packed my bags for Sydney, the next morning i got up and got ready to leave (http://www.polyvore.com/off_to_sydney/set?id=60652915). As i was getting my things ready to leave there was a knock on my door, i opened it up to see a very tired Reece standing there, struggling to stay awake. "why are you so sleepy? its 10am!" i laughed, "hey, give me some credit, i went to bed late!" "so did i mr, but im not tired" he glared at me and walked over to my suitcase, he picked it up and we got into the car.

Once we got to the airport i got a bad feeling in my stomach, i stopped walking and prepared myself for the lil rockers waiting at the airport. "you can do this Emily, it wont be that bad" i whispered to myself, apparently too loudly because Reece has heard me... "babe, you know it'll be fine, im right here with you" "yeah.. i know, i just have a weird feeling, ill shake it off" with that we walked into the airport, with many screams too. 

I got a lot of glares off a lot of girls, after stopping and talking to all of the lil rockers we finally boarded the plane, after take off i was thinking really deep thoughts about how everything had changed in a matter of weeks, "so, tonight we have the ARIA awards nomination announcement and your my date" Shit, i was daydreaming, "what?" "i saaaaaaaid, tonights the ARIA awards nomination announcement and your my date" "is that you way of being romantic?" i laughed, "im a hopeless romantic, just you watch". 

When we finally arrived in Sydney and got through security, we were then greeted by a few lil rockers, and when i say a few i mean, 40ish.. we stopped and talked to a few but then realised we didnt have much time.  Reece and I hadnt gone public yet so nothing bad happened, but as soon as Reece announced we didnt have much time left they went crazy, security had to move in and we eventually got to the car.

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