How Far

what happens when a normal college girl moves to London seking a normal life but ends up in the world of Fame after a date with the famous Niall Horan. Wil she let this love blossum or is she too afraid to love? How Far will she go!


3. This is who?

Niall Pov


"What do you mean your in love " Zayne said worriedly " Where is she ? " Harry said excitedly " She's over there siting with the American Eagle jacket on" I said still looking at her. " She 's a looker" said Harry  "Kind of looks up set right now" Liam said concerningly. She was on her phone having mixture of anger, sadness ,and stressed rolled into one. " My must be having a fight with someone on the phone" Louis said She put down her phone still stressed. "So how are you ganna get her, swave or staight forwar? "said Harry " I don't know maybe I'll play it cool or just be nice to her you know, I dont have to attack her because I like her she might have a BF." I said cooly. " Well your too late now  she just rain out of here." Said Liam. I looke franticly for her but could find her. As I looked back at her table I noticed she left her phone.I oicked it up and went back to our table. " Eww just like Cinderella now you got to find her." said Louis Excitedly. "How am I supose to do that " I said factley. "Wait for her to call her phone Moron, I swear I think that Bleach has seeped in to your brain." Harry said sarccasrtily. "Don't be rude Hazza." said Liam protectively. I shruged harrys rude comment off but still thought about the girl with no phone. " Uh guys we need to get back to the studio remeber were not done, lets got!" Zayne said franticly. we all agreed to as we got out out side out boddy guards were trying to rush us out the restruast and intothe van for so manny fans had showed up and were tryingto grab us. when we got to the studio ut was the same there. we waved to everyone but rushed in so as not to get clawed at buy fan girls nails As we walked up I heard Ho Hey by Lumineers come from the phone in my hand. "Hello" I said. "hey my names Rena and you have my phone who is this." she said. The girl who could be my dream girl just called . Names Niall Horan from  One direction." I said cooly. There was a long pause. "hellow?" I said . "sorry I think I didnt here you well I'm at a payhone. Could you say your name again." she said confused. I chuckled " Yeah Its Niall Horan and your name is Rena, is that good ." "Yeah, I 'm just shocked, I mean look i need my phone like uber badly is their a place we can meet.?" she said frantic "Come to Bush Studios third floor and wait on the couch." I said Happly. " Okay I'm on my way." she said then hung up. She's comming i thought exciterdly. I ran to the guys. " Hey Lads, shes comming here you were right." I said " Told ya she call, so you gann ask her out." Louis said cleverly. "What if she doesnt want to?" harry said couriously. " Welll see! " I said conivingly. " Now Niall don't do anything stupid." said Liam in his fatherly way. " I won't hey i got to go tell securty to let her in. " I said then ran. I was so excited I wonder what kind of food she likes. I was already planing our date not even knowing if she said yes or not!

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