How Far

what happens when a normal college girl moves to London seking a normal life but ends up in the world of Fame after a date with the famous Niall Horan. Wil she let this love blossum or is she too afraid to love? How Far will she go!


7. Suprise

Rena pov

                We were driving for 10 minutes of silence in his black Mercedes when I asked “So where are you taking me Niall.” I said curiously. “It’s a surprise” He smiled. I pouted. I glanced at him to take a better look at him. UN like his other band mates he was fair skinned and had no tattoos. Which don’t get me wrong I didn’t think he was hot, believe me he had muscle like a boxer. H e was so beautiful and gorgeous that I had to resist the urge to touch him. He notices my glances. “Like what you see” He grinned. I blushed looking Away and cursing at myself for getting caught. I heard him chuckle at me response. “Hey were here.” He said. I looked out the window and say a big sign that said Brighton Pier. I started to grin “How did you know I loved amusment rides” I said excitedly. “While I had your phone your friend Cathey texted you so I asked her what your most favorite thing in the world is.” He said. I was so happy I hugged him. Then realized and backed off. “Sorry I was so excited I really love roller coasters.” I said nervously. “It’s cool he said gently. We got out to f his car and started to walk toward the pier, when stop. “What’s wrong Rena” He said worried. “What about your fans won’t they be here?” I said scared. Don’t get me wrong I’m a good fighter and I’m not afraid of a few girls bout a mob?! He grabbed my hand gently “its cool they all think I’m at a party and also I got the whole pier for us only tonight.” He said calmly. “Really?” I asked excited “Yep only us tonight” He said leading me to the entrance. We got to the ticket booth. “Mr. Horan and you are lucky guest tonight.” Said the ticket man. “Yep “Said Niall. “ I hope you guys enjoy tonight.” Said the man nicely. We walked through the gate and they locked it behind us. “Niall aren’t we ganna get out that way?” I said concurringly. “No well be leaving ion the same car but in another way and that’s also a surprise.” He said coyly “You like surprises don’t you?” I said. “Yeah I do and I told you .You'll have the best night like I promised, let's go!!” He said still hand in hand we ran to the first ride.

3 Hours Later

Niall Pov

                We had finished riding all the rides and some twice because she loved those a lot. When her friend said she loved roller coasters she wasn’t kidding. Rena was hard core. She wasn’t scared like most girls when you’re being plunged down 20 ft in the air then right back up. “Hey Niall all of this is making me really hungry can he go eat? “She asked. Her stomach started to growl after that. I chuckled. “The second part of the surprise is actual food related.” I lead her to the end of the pier, where a latter was waiting for us. I went down first, and then she followed. I got my walkie talkie out “Alright were ready “.

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