How Far

what happens when a normal college girl moves to London seking a normal life but ends up in the world of Fame after a date with the famous Niall Horan. Wil she let this love blossum or is she too afraid to love? How Far will she go!


6. Showtime

Niall pov

“Okay you lads ready? Said Louis enthusiastically “Yeah but Louis stick to the plan not improvise like you do a lot.” Liam I was super nervous, see the plan was to throw a big party with some fans and press inside and outside the area. And after a while I slip off to our secret exit we have here at hour home, which coincidence it lead right to Hyde park where Rena lives. But I was getting paranoid worried if any of the paparazzi or fans follows me to our secret exit. “Showtime fellas” said Harry coyly.

One Hour into the Party

It was getting close to me leaving so I secretly made my way to the back of the house. “Niall!!” screamed a fan. I jumped but smiled usually like I did. She started to babble like nonstop.  Uh honey I have to go to the El Bano at the moment. “I said “what’s that, a bed room?” she said getting close to me in a provocative manner. God how I hate the fans who go to school just to be there, and not learn anything. “I have to take a shit darling” I said rudely. She looked grossed out and walked away. I felt bad for being rude but shrugged it off thinking of what’s really important. Rena. So I ran to the secret exit whist was under our garage. It was like one of those tunnel s that super heroes us for their cars. But right now I felt like James bond and less like batman, cuz I was on a mission.  I got mu motorbike knowing it be faster. And zoomed out of there.

Rena Pov

                It took me forever to decide what to wear. I felt awkward in my own body at the moment so I decided to where a Blue polka doted dress and black slip on dress shoes. I didn’t feel like messing with my hair so I flattened it and put on little make up. I got more nervous as time approached, what if all of this is a joke what if he’s just ganna drop me and humiliate me. What if it’s a lie like Tyler was when he made out with my former beastie Sara Smith and her rich family. The more I thought of Tyler the more I wanted to cry. Ty was my everything but he dumped e for a richer girl. I started to think maybe this wasn’t a good idea.


Too late he was here. I checked my self twice and sighed. “This is as good as its ganna get Rena" I said to myself. I opened the door to see Niall standing at the door with that devilish smile he had yesterday. He was dressed in regular back T shit with faded blue jeans and a Chanel Leather jacket and in black convers. I felt too overdressed. “May be I’ll change “I said. I started to walk back to my bed room until I felt something grab my hand. “Why Princess you look stunning in that outfit.” He said He pulled me closer and cuffed his hands around my face and met my eyes with his gorgeous blue that I felt I could be drowning any moment. “In fact you look so stunning I think we should forget this date and you just accept defeat and be mine.” He said seductively. I snapped out of my daze. “You won’t be getting off that easy you promised and I don’t like guys I who break their promises, so if that how you play then I’ll ask for my phone here and now and we say our good byes.” I said surely. “No wait I was just kidding and I don’t break promise so come on.” He said dragging me to be motorbike. I was really scared now. “We’re going on that” I whimpered. “Yeah what’s wrong?” he said curiously. “It’s just that I’ve never been on one of those” I said scared. “Don’t worry babe” he chuckled “I won’t let anything happen to you, I promise.” “That’s two promises that I’m holding you to.” I said grimly. He handed me a helmet and I got on cousiusly. He sped out of my street, which made me hold on to his waist tight. I could feel him chuckle, I Knew he did that on purpose. When we got to a red Light I asked “So you ganna tell me where were going?” “You’ll see soon enough” he said loudly so I could hear him. I just hope it isn’t anywhere high I thought.


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