How Far

what happens when a normal college girl moves to London seking a normal life but ends up in the world of Fame after a date with the famous Niall Horan. Wil she let this love blossum or is she too afraid to love? How Far will she go!


1. Love at First Sight


Rena's Pov



My doctor told me it is good for me to away from my family for a while, but really I just wanted to get away so I won't cause them much suffering. My new place is here in London, it’s a studio luckily with a bathroom. With the movers help I was able to finish in time for lunch. So I put on my American eagle jacket and walked my way to Nanado's. On the way I played Chris Browns new song Fine China. As I kept walking, there was a huge crowd, girls screaming and crying. I stopped and asked”Was there an accident?" “NO ONE DIRECTIONS IN THEIR!" one of the girls screamed at me. “So what are ganna do wait here until they come out?" "Like DUH!" she said. At that moment I started to laugh uncontrollably that almost all the girls looked at me with confused and glares. "What so funny about that?" she same girl said which she looked like one of those popular chick from high school. " That Ya'll are waiting out here in the freezing cold to see 1D and you may never get to meet them!" I said while giggling. As I started to walk away, they started to call me names and tell me I should go jump off a bridge. I ignored them not wanted a fight to start. I told the hostess I had a table with Cathay. She one of my best friends and also moved to London months before I did. as I was getting closer to the table I saw A pair of blue eyes look at me The guy had blond hair that looked brown toward the roots and smiled ad I passed by. I Blushed and smiled back but kept walking. “that guy looks familiar" I said the Cathay. " Should be that's Niall Horan From 1D" As I turned to get another look at him he was look straight at me like he could see right in to me.


Niall's POV

“Can we eat at Nanado's PLEEEEEASE?" I begged the others. "Fine “Liam says.” but next time I get to pick" “Fine by me “I said casually.”AWWW I want to pick next time “Harry said in a baby voice.” No I want to “say Louis. The boys kept arguing as we walked into Nanado’s Got a table far from the window. Because our usual dedicated fans found out where we were as usual. "Man do they ever go home" Zayne whispered to me” Their just excited to see us as usual" I said back to him. Zayne sighed and look back at his menu. I was about to look at mine when I look out the window and saw a girl laughing hysterically at some of our fans, they gave her evil glares and she shrugged them of as though they were normal things to her. She walked right through the front door I couldn’t keep my eyes off her hair look like it was made out of fine brown silk that I wanted to touch it. Her skin was a fair tan and she walked as if as if she owned the world. Her head turned this was as if she knew I wanted it to turn this way. Then it hit me. It was like love at first sight with those brown eyes. I couldn't help but smile at her. She blushed a bright red and she smiled back. She kept walking to one of her friends as I guessed and I couldn't peel away, I was wishing she turn around again and as though my prayers were answered she turned once again and looked at me. "Oh Man I think I'm in love." as I said it the table got in an uproar!








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