How Far

what happens when a normal college girl moves to London seking a normal life but ends up in the world of Fame after a date with the famous Niall Horan. Wil she let this love blossum or is she too afraid to love? How Far will she go!


2. Ex's and Missing Phones

Rena Pov


I quickly turned around, omg he was looking staightat me!! " Ohhh I saw that Rena, I think he might find your really sexy." said Cathey  "Me no way I am the least sexy person on this planet, I mean theirs rumors that hes going out with a model and that mean way hotter than me any day." I said factly " Rena, you have to give yourself more credit, you are so pretty that anyguy would go out with you. Like---". My phone interupted our conversation, I sighed and answered. " What do you want Tyler?" " I want you back Rena, I really miss you." pleaded Tyler. "Then if you really wanted to stay with me you wouldn't have cheated on me with that sult Valeire." I said angrly " I didnt want to you have to belive me " "I would Tyler but i saw ya'll in bed together, how is that a miss understanding?" "It is Rena trust me, just let me explain and---" "NO Tyler stop bothering me." I hung up fruastrated. " Tyler huh? said Cathey. " Yeah he wants me back.The nerve." " You need to block him or something get a new phone.!" Cathey said excitedly "Can't all my money goes to the phone i haave now and everything else like school and apartment, besides I can't get a new phone for a nother year." I said " Oh I know wjy dont you go on a date it be fun and you could forget about Tyler." " I really just want to focus on school and work, Cathey." I said " Fine, but you can't live like this forever you know"  " I wish i could " i said saldy We kep eating for a while, but then Cathey remebered she had to shop for a new out fit for her job interview. " Why do you need me " I said boredly " Because your the only one who I know whill be honest with me, and those store clerks will just lie to me so I can buy their stuff so come on " she said while yanking me out the restruant. Five minutes later i reached for my phone in my pocket and relized I had lefted it at the rest ruant. " CATHEY " I screamed " What ! " she said " I left my phone at the resturant" I said worried. " But I'm still changing" Cathey exlamed. " Well I'm not ganna wait sorry I call you when i get it back" I said while i ran out the store and twoard Nando's. When I got their they said a phone was never tured in but some one said they say a guy pick up and siad he retun it for me. Frantic I ran to the nearest phone booth and called my phone. Ring Ring " Hello " said the Voice " Yes my names Rena and you have my phone who is this?" I said while frantic . " NIall Horan From One Direction." he said

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